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Thoughts on this core hybrid WvW roaming build please


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I don't have much experience with condi so before I waste the little bit of gold I have, I am hoping for feedback on this hybrid build:


Do note that with the explosives trait line changes, the power will be 2333 and the health will be around 20500. I know this build lacks running away but that's not something I care to do.

I'm more curious if I'd have the damage to kill anything. I'm expecting consistent pressure with the grenades/bombs then burst with grenade barrage when sigil of severance procs as that should make my crit chance around 80% and my crit damage around 200%.

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The grenade kit is absolutely terrible in WvW. People move way to fast for it to be effective, you might as well be tossing toilet paper at people. Also the problem with the weapon set is that the pistol is pretty useless without firearms traited. Without offhand pistol, even worse. The question becomes... do you really need condi then? But if it works, it works. We dont know how skilled you are with it.

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Been trying to make grenades work and bar setting up barrage it is hit and miss. Environment and players moving, means even with grenadier it's too slow. Haven't reset my armour stats to celestial/grieving, so running dire with undead runes and power trinkets. Without vitality/armour you can't stay in the fight and throw grenades at such close range. What has surprised me is mortar with explosives boosts, of course double pistol is needed too, as is firearms. Alas w/o stability Warriors and Revs can mess you up.

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Grenade kit is really not good vs most professions as they move too quick. And its dmg/condi dmg is not that impactful. I found new explosives traitline ok-ish but devs need to speed up grenades and mortar attack speed for them to be really useful.

I would advise you to use a different sigil instead of severance. Energy, doom, bloodlust/corruption would be better in my opinion.

But it is really good build. Congratz :) I have something similar with more healingpower and less power

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