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Potential Canthan Guild halls -


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Assuming we get more than 1, what would you like to see?

I'm really excited about Echovald and love the idea of a creepy gothic guild hall.But I could see a nice island retreat as being a welcome addition, or even a more urban sprawling guild hall within Kaening.

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@Endless Soul.5178 said:I remember my guild hall in GW1 was very Imperial Palace looking with lots of reds and golds. I don't remember the name of it, but that one was my favorite. I imagine something like that might appear int eh expansion.

It was called Imperial Isle and it was directly based off the Imperial Palace, who da thunk, right? XD

Anyway it's actually very possible that they don't give us a new Guild Hall, as the team that made new guild content was disbanded. But then again they do still make new decorations for the guild Halls so who knows. Hope for the best, I guess.

I'm still inclined to think that we would only get the one GH so what I would like is a successor to the Isle of Meditation, and I would like its layout to include a large central building that's just honeycombed with large chambers, alcoves, hallways and passages, many other smaller rooms including some the services such as the tavern and the scribe station. Larger ones like the Arena would ideally be adjacent secondary structures or even annexes to the main building. And keeping with the Meditation/Shing Jea theme I'd like the environment to be a split of mountains and pastoral farm land.

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