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  1. Yin Yang would be so cool for roller beetle! great idea!!
  2. https://i.imgur.com/dXhhnv7.jpg Some ideas i have for more Canthan themed mount skins Check the image link above ^^^ Springer: Fu dog Jackal: Kirin skimmer: Kun fish Warclaw: white tiger Roller beetle: Wind & fire wheel Griffon: phoenix Skyscale: Qin dragon
  3. Well, there are those people that scream "no extremely bright flashing lights and particle effects!" but the player who actually buy stuff do prefer them, so it's easy decision. Anet just follows what sells best, and bright beautiful things sells well, if flat and simple armor sells better im sure they gonna move to that direction too
  4. I love collection, please give us a aquarium/pond to show the fish collections, id love it if it's in the guild hall
  5. I was a bit sad when learned that the expansion won’t come out till early next year, I know they need more time to get it perfect but still hope we get to go to Cantha sooner. Then I start to think it would be nice to have a small map of Cantha before the expansion drop, something like a prologue map at the edge/small neighbour island of Shing Jea islands. Where we can experience some Canthan landscapes and creatures. This can be similar to the prologue of IBS or even the first part of the Strike mission at the icy pass way. also, this would be great if we are r
  6. Give me back my retaliation!! Resolution do nothing for me at all when I HB fractal
  7. I just played Shadow in the Ice, at very beginning, Jormag told the commander that he is an ally and the commander need jormag to help him in order to achieve the balance.... I got a feeling that Jormag has always know what he’s going to do in the end, to sacrificed him for the balance, otherwise he wouldn’t show up to face Primordas, so he’s the good guy all alone!
  8. So many good skins in the liscence! Two skyscale textures I’ve been waiting for! That cute red face griffin and curl tail raptor! Shiba! And the beautiful skimmer skin wow!
  9. Non of them sounds that interesting, I want a Half-Demon race in Cantha, Like Fox Demon or Dragon Demon, those are more Oriental mythology related.
  10. We don’t know if mount is a POF specialty thing yet... and creature from GW2 could look different than GW1 version. also there can be way more type of dragon than Saltsprays hah
  11. I'm super excited about Canthan expansion and the mount skin we could get from it.One thing I'm really looking forward to is to ride on an Orientals dragon mount. When I saw the new Lunar Maned Skyscale skin I wish they have done a bit more to it. Here's some quick concept sketch i did based on the Lunar Maned Skyscale's model.The current skin could be tweaked a little bit more to make the skin looks cooler, by adding some extra details around the face, hair and horn. It could also push it further to hide the wings to make it more a Lunar new year themed dragon skin. (Similar approach the hum
  12. It’s weird but still very cute, I wish this skin had a pup face lol
  13. it's like they slapped a dog's head on the skyscale's neck, added some fake mane extensions on the neck and called it a day lol It’s we just focus on the skin’s look itself...Look at the skin closely, it actually got a lot of details, the hair is not poorly done, the paws looks good and tails too. I think my biggest problem with it now is mostly it’s face, it’s looks a lot more like a goat than a dog, a dog would be so much better, but a goat face with that evil eyes (why gave him an evil vertical pupil eyes) it not that cute. And these horn design just make it look even more like a goat, may
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