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Unable to log in, error code 3023:1012:6:350

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I am having a hard time logging in, keep giving me the error code 3023:1012:6:350 "The code you entered is invalid. Please check your information and try again" after entering email and password via client. Can't log in the game or gw2 website. I tried looking up the error code but couldn't find much info on it.

I know my credentials are correct, changed password multiple time just to double check. I have tested on different devices but no luck.Other account have no problem logging in though.

Anyone else having the same issue?

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I am getting the same error. I can log in fine from here on the 2nd account, and also just tried on my 3rd account on EU and that one can log in fine as well. Looking at my bank guild last online info I can see my main account logged out last night around 21 hours ago which is the correct time from when I logged out last night so I am pretty sure it is some issue support will need to look at. I have submitted an anonymous ticket since I cannot log in to submit a ticket on the affected account.

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Using my wife's account since mine has the same problem.

All of you facing this issue, does it affect your oldest account? When did you open that account? Before or sometime around launch in August 2012? I'm suspecting a pattern based on what I've read here and on Reddit. Alt accounts unaffected and main ones getting locked out.

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