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Ranger morph to Soulbeast

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I'm a fairly new Level 80 Ranger, using a build recommended by MetaBattle and others on YouTube, which has been very successful and nice to play.I'm looking into the Soulbeast AxeAxe/Greatsword build (again, from MetaBattle and YouTube) which seems like a blast to play with plenty new stuff to learn and keep me busy.I'm just looking for a tip about changing from Ranger to Soulbeast, before I try moving from one to the other. (Can't find a step by step guide to the morphing process...)I have found how to save my Ranger build in the Hero panel, which I am hoping will enable me to return to base if I mess up on buildingthe soulbeast correctly ... is this the way it works? before I take the plunge and start rearranging things to incorporate Soulbeast traits and whatever (and then save that build also).Are there any tips and tricks I can use, or things to be wary of, for this process?All I have done so far is to replace the rangers Bow with Axe/Axe to get some experience in axes ... tons of fun so far!Appreciate any guidance ...

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I take it you used a level 80 boost on the character? Normally as you're levelling up you'll gradually unlock new skills and traits, and the game will show you how to swap them around. You can't find a guide to the part of the process you're concerned about because it's impossible to mess it up. Once you've got a skill or trait unlocked on a character they've got it forever, you're just swapping out which ones are currently active so if you do something wrong or change your mind all you need to do is swap it again. Saving the build does make it quicker if you're making lots of changes, but it's not required.

The part which is going to be a challenge is going to be getting enough hero points, which are used to unlock new skills and traits. Getting to level 80 (by any method) gives you exactly enough points to unlock all the core game skills and traits. To get more you need to do hero challenges in PvE maps (or play World vs World and use the Testimonies of Heroics you'll get to unlock them). You can find these in all the maps but the ones in core game maps give 1 point each and ones in expansions give 10 each, so it's a lot faster to get the 250 points you need for an elite spec by going around expansion maps. The challenge involved varies, sometimes it's just getting to that point, sometimes you'll have to fight a veteran or champion enemy first and some require you to complete a puzzle of some sort. But there's a total of 904 hero points available from challenges and you only need 250 of them, so you can afford to skip ones you really struggle with.

You can sometimes find 'hero trains' in the LFG menu, which is groups of players going around the map getting all the hero points together, which does make it a lot easier. But you can also do many of them alone or with a few friends, if that's easier for you.

Once you've got the points you just need to go into the Training menu on your hero panel to spend them, and then put the Soulbeast specialisation into the bottom trait slot on the build menu. (I'm not sure why but elites can only go in the bottom row.) Oh, and select which of the traits you want to use.

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Also worth explaining. Hero points are much easier to acquire in PoF maps where monsters that give you points are veterans while in Hot maps they are champion lvl and for a new player are most likely too hard to kill solo. Don't be afraid to ask for help in /map chat. You can also acquire them in core maps but challenges there only give 1 point while in expansion maps they give 10 points.As for other questions Danikat answered you already but in short you can do nothing wrong here. You can change your traits anytime as you like as long as you are out of combat. Experiment as much as you want.

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