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is controller support ever coming?

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we got the action cam added, and not only the style but even the UI of GW2 fits perfectly into a controller-based control scheme... please can we get any indication if this is being worked on? Because at this point WoW is going to get native controller support before a game that, from release, has looked like you should be able to use a controller :(

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I do recall a developer saying they were working on controller support on their own spare time.


Jonanet·3 months ago

that_shaman, You're good! I have no idea how you found this, as I tried to cover my tracks, but you are correct.

I have been working on native controller support, as a side project in my own time. I've got a good deal of it all working, but it's still got a further to go.

My main goal is is to have accessibility in mind. If I can help just one person play the game that would would not otherwise be able to because of our current input controls, than I'll be very pleased.

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You can set up a controller to play gw2 tho. Not as perfect as official support but I play on controller.

I keep a mouse nearby for zooming in and out and menu mangement, but otherwise I completely use controller.

I use Rewasd software and an xbox elite pro controller.Also recommend is the steam controller and set up.

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