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Where are the guns?

Zinx Uchiha.8146

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Hey, I'm new to the forums so forgive me if this had already been a discussion either recently or a few years in the past so I'm sorry if I do this incorrectly I was just taking a glimpse at the different classes and their corresponding weapon skill selections on the wiki and i couldn't help but notice a rather odd lacking in the Rifle category. Not only did that break my heart, but what blew my mind was I couldn't believe Ranger did not have a Rifle or pistol weapon selection... Does anyone know if guns had been discussed to ever arrive not only for more classes but especially Ranger or am I the only person who finds this strange?Any facts would be great thanks!!

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In my opinion, firearms like rifles and pistols don't really fit the ranger thematically.Rangers are all about being one with the nature and befriending animals. Firearms are loud, therefore they scare animals away, they also kinda represent the century of industrialisation, which is kinda the opposite of being one with nature.

For the next elite spec, I would prefer to get the hammer as a weapon as a reference to the beloved bunny thumper from GW1.

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"Firearms are loud, thefore scare animals away"

Meanwhile, on Ranger... Warhorn :p

As far as reasoning behind the lack of guns on Ranger, I imagine it's more to do with them wanting to supplement a Support build with Druid (Where something magical like Staff or Sceptre makes more sense) as well as a Melee build with Soulbeast.

I'd quite like to see Ranger get a Rifle for DPS at some point though. So that it would be possible to play Marksman build with Farsighted and utilize Longbow and Rifle weaponswaps.

Though, we'll see. I'd imagine the next Elite Spec for Ranger might end up being a Boon share focus to help them in WvW, meaning something like Focus would be the likely weapon.

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