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Thief Weapon Changes Ideas


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So... I had a thought aboot some changes to Feef weapons. Probably broken. Very likely to never happen. Inb4 Auto Attacks cost 7 Init.

Backstab - Now deals 20% more damage against targets under 50% life.Reason - Purely so that Dagger MH PvE continues to use Backstabs when possible, rather than devolving into Heartseeker spam gameplay sub-25% life.

Dancing Dagger - Cost reduced to 2 init. No longer applies Torment nor bounces. Now has a Flip Skill upon landing:Shadow Dance - Cost 1 init. Shadowstep to the target hit by Dancing Dagger, apply Cripple and Torment to enemies in an area.Reason - Powercreep has left D/D in the dust now everyone and their cat seems to have an actual gap closer while D/D still only has Heartseeker, which is no longer as potent as it once was.

Death Blossom - Now deals 4 instances of damage/bleed.Reason - 1 dagger hits twice (Twisting Fangs) so 2 daggers should hit 4 times right?

Pistol Whip - Cost reduced to 3 init (4 in WvW/PvP). No longer attacks with the sword. Now has a Flip Skill upon landing:Fencer's Flurry - Cost 2 init. Slashes repeatedly with your sword. Evades attacks for the duration.Reason - Increases usability by reducing the upfront cost especially if a target blocks/evades the initial stun and allowing the sword attacks to be saved for a brief time for an opportune moment to unleash them.

Slot 1 Skills now become Dual Wield skills and get updated attack chains (Damage co-efficients and cast times TBD via balance testing):Reason - I dunno. It'd be pretty cool.

Dagger/DaggerTwin Strike - Slashes foes with each blade. 2x damage. Max targets 2.Dual Fangs - Stabs foes with each blade inflicting Bleeding. 2x damage. 2x Bleed 2s. Max targets 2.Mutilate - Thrusts both blades into enemies inflicting Vulnerability and Poison. 1x Damage. 1x Vulnerability 4s. 1x Poison 4s. Max targets 2.

Dagger/PistolDastardly Strike - Clubs the enemy with your pistol and then slashes with your blade, inflicts Weakness. 2x damage. 1x Weakness 2s. Max targets 2.Debilitating Fangs - Stabs the enemy and then shoots them in the leg, inflicts Cripple. 2x damage. 1x Cripple 2s. Max targets 2.Viper Strike - Shoots the enemy in the vitals and then stabs them with a poisoned blade inflicting Bleeding and Poison. 2x damage. 1x Bleed 2s. 1x Poison 4s. Max targets 2

Pistol/PistolTwin Shot - Shoot with both pistols. 2x damage.Barrage - Shoot with both pistols twice. 4x damage.Focused Shot - Fire both pistols and gain Might. 1x damage. 2x Might 5s.

Pistol/DaggerDeadly Shot - Shoot at an enemies vitals and then throw a dagger at them causing bleeding. 2x damage. 2x Bleed 2s.Demon's Sting - Shoot an enemy and then throw several daggers at them causing Torment. 2x damage. 3x Torment 3s.Misery Strike - Throw several daggers at an enemy and then shoot them twice in the vitals. 1x damage + 2x damage. 3x Torment 3s. 2x Bleed 2s.

Sword/DaggerFencer's Slice - Slash with your sword and dagger. 2x damage. Max targets 3.Steel Flurry - Throw daggers while slashing with your sword. 1x damage. Max targets 3.Bandit's Edge - Stab with your dagger, removing boons and slice with your sword. Sword strike deals bonus damage against enemies with no boons. 1x damage + 1x damage. Boons removed 2. Damage bonus 20%. Max targets 3.

Sword/PistolDuelist's Strike - Slashes with your sword and then clubs the enemy with your pistol, inflicts Weakness. 2x damage. 1x Weakness 2s. Max targets 3.Rogue's Assault - Shoots your target with a bullet that ricochets to up to 2 additional targets then slashes them with your sword. 2x damage. Max targets 3.Scoundrel's Thrust - Shoots your target twice and then stabs them with your sword, gaining endurance with a successful strike. 3x damage. Endurance gained 15. Max targets 3.

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I like the idea for the slot 1 skills, I haven't cared about the different phases since I used to fit stuff between them.

The Pistol Whip idea sounds alright and I get your reasoning, I'd probably use that more often.

Any change to Death Blossom I think needs to have some form of distance closer, even if it's activated by using the skill in two different ways, like a skill hold-down cast for the mobility option.

I use Dancing Dagger often and I need it to be from range most of the time and I need it to bounce for some tasks. Putting a gap closer there would make my other build too strong.

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No no no.

It because it would be bad in an alternate reality but more like “why?”

Bouncing Dancing Dagger is huge benefit against stealthed targets. There are synergies that make these sets work well and you are suggesting changes but I’m not sure why?

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