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Over a week ago, I transferred from Maguuma to Devona's Rest. WvW said I am not a citizen and not eligible to earn pips until after a match has ended, IE, the 6 or so days it had counted. Well that time expired and now it shows a new match, but it is still telling me I am not eligible to earn pips and all I need is ten more skirmish tickets for my Warclaw. Did I miss something? Can I not earn any pips for a month or something after transferring? I tried to search the forums but I cant find a concrete answer, any help appreciated!

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@Kayllair.5176 said:I transferred last Saturday, (16th) so I take it I have to wait another week... Ugh, been playing this game forever and I have never server transferred before until my best friend started playing.

Yes you’ll need 1 full matchup to start getting pips again, meaning you’ll start getting next week at reset. Usually the best time to transfer is a day before reset so you only lose 1 week of pips.

But I applaud you for transferring off a strong server.

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