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Thank you for opt in for geforce now anet

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Absolutely thank you. I love GW2 and have been playing for a while now, but it was always very sporadic in the past because on my laptop I get so many issues with meta events causing overheating, mounts never loading and accidentally breaking the map instead, etc. I can spend a little money here and there on the game, but a new computer just for a hobby has always been too much to justify practically.

But ever since GeForce Now released I have been playing so much more, and actually keeping up with my guild and enoying crazy hectic map metas full of players for once, instead of sticking to the unpopulated corners. It's been fantastic, and I'm very glad it will continue.

All in all, it's very much appreciated, Anet, and I won't forget it!

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I'm glad to hear they did this. :)

I didn't comment in the original topic because I don't use GForce Now and I'm not planning to use it, so it seemed dishonest to say I want GW2 on there, but seeing so many people asking for it I was worried about what would happen if they didn't opt-in. I have no idea what's involved in these kind of deals but I'm glad it was sorted out so everyone can keep playing. :)

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