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Auris: A new hypothesis about its story


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Auris Weirdbringer is in fact, in a reversed timeline.24EO68M.png

Let me explain: Auris experienced the Scarlet's War, surely as an aetherblade. With a group of other engineers they worked on rift technologies and portals in edge of the mists. And they achieved things like the giant portals bringing the Breachmaker or the Marionette. But they did testsabout a portable version called rift stabilizer that broke, inverting the timelines. He arrived in Blood keep, but adapted to the scenery to not look strange, acting as an engineer. But he hadn't forgot about the issue: He is tinkering with an asura gate in the view to fix its timeline; indeed, asura gates can be calibrated to lead to the mists. Like fractals as example. And he surely wanted to make a bridge between its timelines and ours. But the issue is, to our timeline, Auris is considered as an anomaly, and the rift stabilizer feel that. The rift stabilizer send Auris more and more further in its new future (our past) if we try to fix him.At the pond, he doesn't remember we spoke to him because our future correspond to its past: If we come back 5 mins later, for him, it's like you arrived 5 mins before.

So when we meet him, at the pond, he is really far in its future, and closer to the Scarlet War. All the dead animals around the pond may be linked to the miasma, toxic spores and assaults that will happens later or consequences of the rifts. Auris is creating a melting point between those two timelines, but maybe with some others too. Through, maybe the commander isn't existing in its timelines, so none of the known events happened apart Scarlet's war. Dominion never happened, Bangar never saw Aurene. Balthazar wasn't freed, and mordremoth is awakened and Tyria ruined. Knowing, that he is moving toward a sinister future, Auris try to join us.

Class I rift stabilizer was upgraded to Class II by visiting all the rifts. But it isn't the case for Class II to be upgraded into a possible Class III: It doesn't work because many of the numbers combination are inactive and not working. My guess it that class III is tied to Edge of the mists, fractals or asura gates. There is ton, just ton of broken asura gates in tyria and the recent event making Auris disappearing involved an asura gate.

So I only have a big question left, does Auris, when he arrives near LS1, keep rewinding to return to blood keep? I think my story makes sense regarding how he got its aetherblade uniform.And its dialogues confirm what I think: We tell him for the first time about Ninety-seven in Blood keep. And then at Gillscale Pond, he remember that we told him that:

Auris: Ninety-seven...ninety-seven...Us ->What?Auris: What?Us ->You said something about ninety-seven.Auris: No, you said ninety-seven. What's ninety-seven?

Also:Auris: All of these animals are dead... that can't be good.Us -> I think the rift stabilizer is damaged. It only brings me here now.Auris: Well, I don't know what a rift stabilizer is, but I recognize the tech. Maybe I can fix it.Us -> Please do.

We say that as last dialogue so its past, and so it's logical, that just before, when we ask him:Auris: No...that can't be right. You brought this to me, broken. Then you said that it was a rift stabilizer. I figured out how to repair it.Us -> Assuming that actually happened, why would I be using this?Auris: You use it to stabilize the naturally occurring rifts, of course. Though I haven't the slightest idea why. Come back and tell me if you figure it out.

That us who said ninety seven, just before making him teleported into its future. From the events of grothmar (1332 AE) and gillscale (1329 AE), there is 3 years. So 97 correspond to 3 years? And that's rift story is the key, why do we try to stabilize naturally occuring rifts? To save him after we sent him in another loop from Blood keep.

Auris's story isn't finished, what we saw is the end, not the beginning.Gillscale Pond is also an anomaly, because it's the location I (1) but also in same time, the location IX-VII (97). And that's may be why Auris is stuck in loop here, whereas he wasn't before.You see the new location in the new map? The workshop with weapons never seen before? I wonder if it was one of Auris former workshop.

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While Auris wears Aetherblade armor, nothing besides such relates him to the Aetherblades. Furthermore, when he disappears from the "normal timeline" is in Grothmar - not at the end of Season 1. When we meet him, when he showed up, is shortly after Mordremoth / during Season 3. So your image is incorrect. He traveled back in time, and is supposedly sporadically traveling further back until the point of his disappearance from "normal timeline" (if that.. makes sense?). Though, I don't think he's "going back in time" but rather "two steps back, one step forward" through time, so to speak.

Normal timeline:LWS3: Auris appears -> Investigating lake -> Ninety-seven + "Never seen anything like it before." -> "You said that it was a rift stabilizer." -> " I don't know what a rift stabilizer is, but I recognize the tech"

LWS5: Auris in workshop -> activate rift stabilizer -> rift becomes destabilized, stabilizer stuck on 97

Suspected Auris's timeline:

Auris in workshop -> activate rift stabilizer -> rift becomes destabilized, stabilizer stuck on 97 -> Auris appears -> Ninety-seven + "Never seen anything like it before." -> Investigating lake -> " I don't know what a rift stabilizer is, but I recognize the tech" -> "You said that it was a rift stabilizer."

Auris has nothing to do with Season 1, and no suggestion that he would other than the Aetherblade getup, but the moment of his disappearance wouldn't relate to Scarlet's attack. It's more likely that the animals died because of the rifts, rather than the rifts transporting some miasma; similarly, the rifts themselves are caused by the Bloodstone's explosion (as the rifts are the same as those in Bloodstone Fen).

So I only have a big question left, does Auris, when he arrives near LS1, keep rewinding to return to blood keep? I think my story makes sense regarding how he got its aetherblade uniform.

Doubtful. If he rewound to Season 1, then showed up in Blood Keep in LWS5, he would recognize us in Blood Keep from our interactions. Not only this, but either he'd have to be an unaging immortal, or would be a decade older when we see him in Blood Keep. But he clearly recognizes us at all times in Gillscale Pond. So for his timeline, Blood Keep was definitely in "his past".

The only oddity is that his appearance changes for unclear reasons. Most likely this means he had some unknown adventre between disappearing at Blood Keep and appearing at Gillscale Pond. However, I wouldn't say he was part of Season 1's events - this would imply that he was stable enough in the world to have an adventure and if so, why would he stick with the Aetherblades and not return to Blood Keep? He would know the fate of the Aetherblades, and who they face (the Commander) - who would willingly jump onto a sinking ship?

Most likely scenario if he has relations to the Aetherblades is that when he disappeared from Blood Keep, he popped into the Edge of the Mists (as the Mists are connected to all times and places, this makes sense), got a new getup, and got sucked back into Tyria when the Bloodstone exploded and created the rifts that were connected to the device which sent him into the nether in the first place.

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