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My personal dilemma, or "I can't stop thinking about my old character"...

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Hello there guys. I have couple questions that's been in my head for some time now, and I hope there is someone who can help me find an answer. I'l start my story from the beginning.

I remember the first time I saw GW2. This guy from youtube, who plays other really popular MMO did a video about it, and I was mesmerized. GW2 was a game like no other game I'v ever seen. I remember particularly liking the jumping puzzles the most. After sometime the game went f2p, and I immediately created an account. I got hooked to the game, leveled my Norn warrior, found a friendly guild. Simply say'd, I fell "in love" with the world of Tyria. Less than a year after I had to step back from the game. It was time for me to finish my education,and finally move out from my parents house.

So fast forward couple years, and I'm an independent man, with good job. At this point I'v almost forgotten about GW2. But one day while resting at home and browsing youtube I turned on one of those "top 10" youtube videos. In it GW2 is praised for it's friendly community, and I instantly felt the nostalgia. I downloaded the game, and logged in. Sadly all of my guild mates were gone, so I decided to start fresh, and created a new character. This time it was a human Engineer. Some time later my engi hits 80, after that I buy'ed HoT. When I finished HoT main story I quickly realized that scrapper wasn't something I enjoyed playing. At that time I figured out that the best option for me is to take a break, and think everything over.

Couple months turned out to be a year or so. I jumped back into the game, and created a sylvari Guardian. This new character looked to be perfect for me. But I couldn't throw this silly idea out of my head, that I'm not done with my engi. I felt bad for "abandoning" and not "maxing" it out, but as soon as I logged it in I immediately felt bored. So I guess the purpose of this long ass post is to ask ya'll a question. Am I the only one who feels this way? Is there anyone else who want's to level up new character, but feels guilty for "abandoning" they'r old one?

Thanks for you'r responses in advance.

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tl&dr; There is nothing wrong with losing interest in a certain/class or character. It happens, we change our opinions, points of view and play-styles over time. Some of us manage to apply those changes to their main-character, others just create a new one. Not every class has this flexibility. The old character is not sad or mad. If you ever feel the motivation to give it a new try, it will be there.

Note: There is one good reason to give Engineer a second try, the Holosmith. If you still have the character at level 80 on your account, give it a try. It plays a lot different than Engineer and Scrapper. It is basically a warrior-type class. Many players who had problems with Engineer/Scrapper truly enjoy the Holosmith.

Abandoning a favorite character happens a lot to me. I like crafting builds and creating theme-based characters. I build them from scratch, design a build and an outfit. Learn to play it, adjust skills, learn skill-combos and playing it. Then I get bored and I return to my main-character. Until I get the next idea for another build/theme. Sometimes I re-visit old characters, sometimes I have to create completely new ones. It happens.

I started GW2 as an Elementalist and constantly died in one of the level 1-10 missions, got overrun by a horde of Centaurs. Abandoned the class and went for Thief, which worked for almost a year. Once I gave Engineer a try, I abandoned Thief. Learned a lot of class and game-mechanics while playing the Engineer as my main-character until today. This allowed me to re-visit my old classes and play them properly, design builds which suit to my playstyle/themes and work for me. It also helped me to understand classes I always refused to play, like the Necromancer. It took me 7 years to find a way to enjoy that class. I created plenty of Necromancers over that time, leveled them to 80, dressed them and deleted them a few weeks later. It was always a chore. Until about half a year ago, when I had an idea for DMC5 Dante themed Necromancer. Tested it, built it, geared it and absolutely enjoy it at the moment.

Did I feel bad for failing on the Necromancer, Thief, Elementalist? Sometimes, yes. But I knew that I re-visit those classes once in a while and maybe find that motivation to give it a new try with a new style.

The important thing is that you play what you enjoy. Abandoning a character in favor of a new class is a good decision. We change over the years. Our ideas change, our motivations change, our ways of doing things change. This especially applies when you have extended breaks. You play what you enjoy. If it is the class you played before, nice. If not, absolutely fine.

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I haven't had this problem, and I think it's because I don't conciously stop playing a character. I know there's been times when various characters, including my main, have gone unused for a while but I've never felt like I abandoned them because I don't make that decision. Instead whenever I log in I decide what I want to play, and which character I want to use for it. Sometimes I'll play one more than others, but I know sooner or later it will swap round. It's usually either because the one I was playing most is in the middle of something I don't want to pull them out of or because I feel like a change and want to play a different profession.

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There are times I race to my computer to play, but become totally deflated immediately after logging in and can't even find the mental energy to harvest nodes.

I have a number of professions I can jump into at a moment's notice and others where I must have a specific need to play that one. I think that's the reason most people have multiple race/gender/profession combinations. It really does affect your game-play.

In the end, I think your characters will get over the feeling of being abandoned; if not threaten to delete them a level another one in their place. I stopped a near mutiny a couple years ago that way. B)

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I think I'l start a new adventure, with completely new account. Maybe fresh start will give me more motivation to explore Tyria! ?

Also I would like to say that I'm very happy with responses I received. It's true what they say, GW2 community is truly friendly, and helpful! :)

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