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Skill lag


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@Senji.2048 said:Is there any ongoing / planned effort towards reducing it?Here is my conspiracy theory on lag and it also answers you question. Yes, they are doing something about it. Lag seems to get better with less players. They haven't done much to promote wvw over the years, thus causing players to leave. So, yes, in a round about way, they are slowly fixing the lag. It's just with the covid-19 and more people working from home, seems like more players have found their way back to wvw, which seems to be causing more lag. I have an even more in depth conspiracy theory involving the coding that was put in wrong but wasn't noticed until to far out of game development and they never went back and fixed it. That theory would probably bore you though. Lets just say that in the beginning they really wanted things to look right and ignored the functionality of them until to late or to late by business standards. :)

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