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Any thoughts to allowing more banners?


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I think allowing 3 banners in SMC, 2 in keeps, 1 in towers, and then a "mini" banner for camps would make this game even better. Having the ability to have more dragon banners out will make this game mode even better imho.

Don't listen to the people asking for "balance" to the banner, they are probably just casuals.

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@"Threather.9354" said:Dragonbanner allows us to play "Floor is lava" midfight in WvW, thus it is fun.

Nah, Dragonbanner introduces the "Tag" mini-game into WvW.

I've played with commanders who will verbally rebuke anyone who squirrels after a roamer or Dolyak, abandon position including half-completed guild siege, to chase down someone wielding a Dragonbanner. Over discord I've heard guild mates given instructions to bring their pew pew Soulbeast exclusively to snipe dragonbanners.

But DB is fine, L2play and jUsT d0DgE and all that. /shrug

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