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  1. And that sentiment has been brought up many times, both here and on Reddit. I feel confident that ANET is looking to make it easier for players to craft Legendary Gear, as a feeder towards their announced (and undoubtedly monetized) Legendary Armory, and as many have stated, this looks like someone at ANET was under the mistaken belief that you needed ranks 1500-2000 to buyt the precursors required to craft legendary armor (a misunderstanding shared by MANY posters on this forum apparently), which just is not the case. The rank requirements of 1500-2000 were to buy the T3 ascended armor pieces which have an enhanced particle effect, and required that you already had purchased the T2, but the legendary armor could be made using the T2 ascended pieces as precursors WHICH NEVER HAD A RANK REQUIREMENT TO BEGIN WITH. Good luck with that.
  2. The thoughts about the fractal instabilities is interesting...... Slippery Slope in WvW would be absolutely hilarious, especially in DBL.
  3. Er...seems like an easy fix there: Get coordinated and onto comms? How is that NOT relevant? Find me an NHL hockey team where the Goalie plays wing and the Center guards the net? What you are describing is skilled game play, and this is something you want to criticize? I mean, I shouldn't be shocked at what the usual goldfish post on these forums nowadays, but you are literally complaining that an organized group of skilled players running competitive builds are defeating a larger group of unorganized lower skilled players running random builds. That. Is. Exactly. How. It. Should. Be. Take those twenty players now. teach them how to play their class, and have them play the correct builds / gearhave them install Discord and join the channelhave someone lead the team (doesn't even need a tag) for some direction and strategyDo that, and your 20 person group will defeat the 10 person group every single time. TLDR: Get better and adapt to the game - stop asking the game to be made easier for you.
  4. No, as far as I am aware that hasn't changed, and you still need to buy the Tier 2 pieces to get the T3, so my oversight in the calculation,; that adds 1310 additional tickets for a total of 3930 tickets for a full set of T2 and T3 Nobody is saying you can. The effects of the Triumphant Mistforged Hero's armor is present on the ascended piece. Crafting the legendary is not required.
  5. That's a good point as well. If the Warclaw becomes "desirable" for use in PvE, that will open the floodgates of "Why do I have to go into WvW to get a mount for PvE!!!!111oneoneone" Being an MMO dev must be fun, eh?
  6. So pretty much everything you said is wrong, which makes sense I guess if you don't really play WvW (whatever you think "casually" means) and therefore just are unaware of the facts. To get a full set of Mistforged Triumphant Hero's gear, with the additional blue aura and the back tentacles costs 2620 Skirmish tickets, and now only requires rank 500. Where you came up with 10,500 is a mystery to me, unless you think the added effects of the Mistforged gear are only visible on the Legendary version? They are not. There is no requirement to craft legendary armor to get these added cosmetic effects. All that was required before was a rank of 1500 for the gloves, working up to needing rank 2000 for the chest - all of which have now been reduced to a required rank of 500. The other difference was the ticket and memory of battle cost is double for the Mistforged set. eg. 175 skirmish tickets / 250 memories of battle for the Triumphant Hero helmet (regular ascended) vs 350 skirmish tickets / 500 memories of battle for the Mistforged Triumphant Hero helmet that has the additional blue glow. Max tickets per week is 365= 8 weeks for a full set.If you only finish Gold tier each week - 132 tickets = 20 weeks The time it takes to get from rank 0-500, I would think it impossible to not have the required skirmish tickets, if that is a goal you set. As for your comment about removing extra pips for outnumbered or commanders, well, speaking as someone who doesn't play WvW "casually", they are completely necessary and totally justified.
  7. I think the Warclaw is more than enough mount for WvW, but dare I say your comment has me intrigued.
  8. You might want to double check the logical consistency of your statement. If ANET is concerned with participation numbers, why reduce the quantity of time required to obtain a prestige reward? That would be a counter-productive change (but still inline with ANET's "philosophy" on anything) Are you really bothered that the devs reduced the grind? Like really?Bothered, but for reasons other than what you assume. I look at it like how a game like X-Com works. You have a limited number of action points per turn, and if you don't use them strategically or without a plan, you're not going to be successful. There should be no doubt in anyone's minds that ANET is lacking in resources. There is overwhelming evidence to support this. Too many issues have been overlooked for far too long. But this? This is what they came up with? They sat in a planning meeting, and THIS was what they decided that WvW needed? Did I miss the dozens of threads of players complaining that getting to rank 1500-2000 for a cosmetic skin was too much? I mean amidst the dozens upon dozens of threads complaining about map coverage / links, stealth, warclaw, downed state, dragon banner, server lag, bugs/exploits/hackers, lack of rewards, disparity of rewards between WvW and PvP, the allocation of rewards/tickets across the Wood - Diamond tiers.......out of all that, THIS was what they decided to spend their action points to implement? And that doesn't bother YOU? Well congrats, I guess you must be the type of player ANET is catering their game towards. Enjoy the power. /shrug
  9. Hey! 20s is like 13 waypoints! Not all of us have top of the line self-driving limo-Golems y'know.
  10. You might want to double check the logical consistency of your statement. If ANET is concerned with participation numbers, why reduce the quantity of time required to obtain a prestige reward? That would be a counter-productive change (but still inline with ANET's "philosophy" on anything)
  11. Not really. This thread is about what ANET did, while yours is more focused on what they didn't do. I feel both are valid, and since ANET clearly isn't getting the message (lol @ title for tank 10K), maybe boosting to 7.1 DTS sound is what is required.
  12. You're right. Everyone who before the patch went live had rank 2000 or higher should get a free Mount Select License and a Communal Bonfire. That's the baseline compensation level these days, right?
  13. Is it so random though? Implementing "tradeoffs" is just a way for the e-specs to not be direct upgrades over the core specs. And that doesn't mean they can't be stronger, because we know that's not exactly true -it just means that they can't be like core versions of the classes but obviously stronger because of the additional stats/mechanics/skills/whateverelse added.Due to the naming, it's mostly seen as some kind of "add 1, subtract 1" (hence "why does this espec gets this and this but only loses that?! NOT A TRADEOFF!"), but that's not the reason tradeoffs were added in the first palce. I'll try to present my thoughts this way. Let's take a Power Guardian, Greatsword + x/Focus, running Litany, Bane Signet, Sword of Justice, Stand your Ground, Feel My Wrath - pretty standard stuff for Fractals or just open world - , running Zeal + Radiance traitlines. A Core Guardian is able to run the Virtues traitline, which adds a ton of passively generated utility/boons to the player and allies. Inspired VirtueVirtue of Retribution (which synergizes with Radiance traitline for extra damage and crit chance; is refreshed by Renewed Justice)Absolute ResolutionIndomitable CourageThis is awesome stuff, and a benefit to the player and any group. Problem is, a Power Guardian is meant to do Pew Pew, and the only really DPS boost Virtues provides is Unscathed Contender, which if you don't have a support player to maintain your Aegis (like in a raid), you won't see much uptime on that damage boost except on a test golem, which is why Core Guards bench well. Contrast that with running Dragonhunter traitline instead of Virtues. Zealot's Aggression (10% damage)Pure of Sight (5% damage)Big Game Hunter (15% damage)30% in damage modifiers, all easy to maintain, vs a 20% damage modifier that requires you to not ever get hit, though with better uptime on a 10% damage modifier for having higher Retaliation uptime. We're not talking about access to traps which are replaceable, or being able to use a longbow which is pretty much garbage. We're talking about the DH traitline alone just lets a Power Guardian do way more damage than running a third Core trait line, and that is why Dragonhunter is meta over Core in terms of Power DPS. You could make the argument that Core gives more utility at the cost of damage, but that utility is pretty minor compared to what you get from a support player, and the cost in damage is to significant to justify it. How it should work is that the damage output of both Core and DH would be comparable, and then it falls down to preferences in individual mechanics.eg: I like AoE condition cleanse on Core F2 vs. I like the leap / escape of DH F2. I like using Traps vs. using other Guard utilities. I like using Longbow (lol)It will never be equal, and on a spreadsheet / benchmark, one will out damage the other, so min/maxers will always proclaim one to be 'meta'. But in real terms, and by which I mean, outside of very specific environments where Unscathed Contender actually works , Core Guardian isn't even in the ballpark with Dragonhunter in terms of Power DPS - they are outside serving hot dogs at the tailgate party. And to me that's a real shame, as I would much prefer to play Core Guardian over DH for content like Fractals, but it becomes a selfish choice. So what is the tradeoff for DH vs Core? There isn't one. We can argue about the changes to F1-F3 you see when you run as DH vs. Core, and I've covered the utility Core Guards gain via F1-F3 running Virtues, but in an T4 Fractal, a Power Guardian's job is to DPS - the rest doesn't matter. My use of the word "random" is hyperbolic, and it is unlikely that these changes are implemented randomly (unlikely, yet still possible!). In reality it is just terrible design. Even after the Soulbeast's "tradeoff" was added, if your role is DPS, the loss of a pet swap is meaningless, and Core Ranger remains obsolete because just like the DH, the Soulbeast traitline boosts (PVE) ranger damage output to such a degree that the loss of a pet swap is meaningless. I repeat: these aren't tradeoffs, they are just nerfs (largely because of competitive modes), that the devs decided to brand as tradeoffs Do you know what a real tradeoff to Soulbeast would have been? Not having any pet all. Soulbeasts would be permanently merged with their pets, and would swap the 'spirit' of their pet like a Rev swaps legends. Then you have no pet to tank NPCs, follow targets around LOS, or have access to any of the pet's abilities like a smoke field from Smokescale. But that's now how it all unfolded.
  14. Given them the benefit of the doubt, I think they just worded the patch notes poorly, and the intent was to make the alternate skins more accessible by reducing the rank requirement from 1500-2000 down to 500. The question though is, why? After all this time, only now it's an issue? It wasn't a barrier of entry or anything, as we're just talking about a premium skin. I'm very curious as to why they felt the need to reduce it - exactly what 'problem' was this fix meant to address?
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