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Im confused


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So i just started and im lvl 46 now rolling some dungeons and story quest.

But when i look on that LFG list, then i see fractals and raids and some other events, world boss ect..the list is full of "quest" and i dont know what parts to focus onand why...

what are the rewards ?should i start to do any speciel quest/missions on that list now ? or wait to i get 80?

also i dont know what fractals are

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I recommend you simply follow your storyline quest and the mails with the golden hearts you'll receive along the way (indicating a dungeon is now right for your level). Your storyline will help structuring your progress along the dungeons. When you're done with story and dungeons, you'll likely be level 80 and ready to take on the rest of the game's challenges. Dont hesitate to refer to a mentor ingame for any more indepth help you may need (apple tag on the map)

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