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Pact Members and Tattered Clothes


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So this is a minor thing but it is one I have noticed on a handful of maps. Pact members wear the tattered versions of their clothes/uniforms regardless if it makes sense for them to do so.

This variant of the clothes was made for Heart of Thorns considering the the attack in the Verdant Brink. Here it makes sense that the clothing would be damaged. Still we see they have damaged clothing on maps such as Thunderhead Peaks, Dragonfall and as recent as the Bjora Marches. Granted having damaged clothing makes sense for Bjora Marches.

Still I have to ask is this a conscious choice by the devs to have their uniforms like this every time for ALL Pact members? Certainly some of them have the tattered version if they have recently been in battle, but not every single person right?

Again, it's a minor thing but I imagine we will be fighting along side Javi and the Pact soon considering the situation and I would like to see the Pact get their gear in order.

Other thoughts? Has anyone else noticed this? Are there any other minor things you have noticed in the LW episodes that seems out of place or like an odd choice?

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@rrusse.7058 said:

@"HnRkLnXqZ.1870" said:Other thought: I want those skins.

You're going to give the Gem Store folks ideas. Still there must be a handful of people that would appreciate a sort of "Battle-worn" look out there like yourself.

Seeing how we still don't have access to the tattered prison clothes from Season 4 Episode 1, which already are fit for players to be worn, I doubt Arenanet will give us those damaged armours.

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