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Condi Renegade ( PVE only) without Viper's armor


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@Cruelsword.2418 said:Open world only. Don't do any other activities like fractals or raids.

Certainly Rabid or Dire would work. Trailblazer would be better. I tried Rampager but found it too squishy for my liking, so Sinister was out also for me. On my Herald I run either full Apothecary or Apothecary trinkets/weapons w/Trailblazer armor. Both sets use Tempest runes. You might think that full Apothecary can't deal much damage, but it melts things very nicely. :)

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There are stat-selectable armor boxes (Bladed armor, e.g. - https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bladed_Breastplate ) that will give you easy-ish access to exotic Viper's.

For general open-world/story, Viper's and Trailblazer's are top-tier in their respective categories ("kill stuff fast" and "survive anything"). You will eventually want one of those for optimal power (possibly with a few pieces of of Grieving/Sinister or Dire, depending on your specific runes and traits). In the long run, you'll likely want one of these armor sets since Expertise is key to maxing out condi damage (or power-condi hybrid damage) in PvE.

Until you get there, though, you could try something like this:

With this example setup, you end up with something like ~80% of the optimal builds' condition damage output (because you actually have slightly higher Condition Damage, but no Expertise), ~40% of the Viper build's power-damage output (which isn't ideal, but it's still significantly higher than what full-Trailblazer gets), and like 2700 armor / 20k health -- basically it's kinda like a clumsy mid-point between the aggressive Viper build and the steady defensive Trailblazer build, with non-optimal stats but nothing wasted on purely useless stats or overcapping crit.

P.S. If you do use the temple karma armors, make sure you don't put expensive runes (e.g. Tormenting) into them -- you won't be able to salvage them back out later!!

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Take a look at the wiki: crafting exotic Viper's requires unlocking the recipes from the Exalted vendors in Tarir. The actual components are reasonably cheap once you've done that, though. (Trailblazer's, in contrast, requires buying a hard-to-get drop off the TP, so crafting the exotics costs like 25g a piece. For Trailblazer's or Minstrel's, it's much, much better to use the alternate method below.)

Alternatively, you can get stat-selectable armor boxes from various maps. These don't require any crafting at all, you just get them as rewards for doing a map meta, or buy them from a vendor with currency you get for doing map stuff. Bladed Armor from Verdant Brink is one example.

(If you've played WvW, you can also buy the recipes easily from the Heroics Notary, or use warlords/triumphant boxes instead of PvE armor boxes.)

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@"Cruelsword.2418" said:So, is it better to craft own Exotic heavy armor with Viper's stats?

If you want to craft exotics, then get Harrier Warbeast recipes. Even though it says 'Harriers', it actually crafts a stat-selectable exotic armor. So a full set is roughly 100-130gold, depending on what materials you already have. And that gives you a recipe that you can reuse for any stat type.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Warbeast_armor_(heavy)

As mentioned by ASP, Verdant Brink armor is stat-selectable. So very cheap, but its an investment in time instead.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bladed_armor

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...I known that isn't the cup for everyone but if you learn to like (or endure) PvP the last chest of the Glorious Reward Track provides 1 exotic armor piece of ANY stats, and in the current seasons you get another 3 exotic armor pieces of any stats with the last 3 chest in the form of Warlord's Armor Boxes. Also, for PvE only I would say trailblazer beats everyting.

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