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Champions/DRMs instance owner leaving, no loot - [Merged]


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Found out the hard way, when the instance owner leaves party directly after getting the bouncy-chests; the remaining party members get the boot so fast that its near impossible to get the loot-chest.


  • allow squads to join (10 or 50, but only 5players can join)
    • make another 'squad type' of 5
  • convert instance to Dungeon/Fractal type => but enable mounts? (maybe allow mounts in home instance with this fix)
  • send participants a mail like in Raids/Strikes when the loot-chest goes unlooted, and player leaves instance

or all of the above?

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Please fix this: Make Response Mission instances have no instance owner (like in Dungeons!), so that the other four players aren't deprived of their final reward chest (the reward chest for which players are doing the challenges in the first place!) whenever the instance owner leaves after grabbing their loot before the others had a chance to do the same.

This can't be intentional... (??)

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