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stuttering and slowing in games

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i've been having issues as of yesterday. yesterday i had one big lag spike where the images on my monitor quickly slowed down and the sound stuttered until it came to a halt. it froze. i couldn't even ctrl+alt+del. today i've experienced several less severe moments of that. it didn't freeze it just slowed down everything. i notice it in every game i play. even rocket league and tf2 have these laggy moments. i've updated all my drivers. i've checked the health of my hard drives. turns out my c drive had an issue but it got repaired. these moments are pretty random. sometimes if i let the trouble persist for enough time i notice even simple tasks like watching youtube shortly after will give me the same thing. for example, today shortly after closing gw2 after that started the video i was watching had a slow stutter and it eventually resolved itself. idk if my specs will help but i have an i7-6700k processor. my gpu is a gtx970. i have 16gb ram. i have all the important stuff that the computer needs to run on an ssd that has 128gb. my games are on a 2tb hdd. thanks in advance for your input

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Are you on an nVidia card? (I think gtx970 is nVidia).

This isn't a Guild Wars 2 issue but a bad set of drivers from nVidia.

This problem has been plaguing me here in Guild Wars since september. Random freezes when in action, turning, jumping, whatever... Many jumping puzzles where I was doing fine, screen froze, and I cam back to a dead character.

Recently resubbed to WoW... and the issue followed me into that game. On searching, I found the issue in this tread:https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/frametime-spikes-causing-stutter/717899/19?u=ayobami-aerie-peak

To sum up... the last good nVidia driver was 452.06

Every nVidia driver since has had code in it for the 3xxx series of cards, that is messing up games for SOME people on other cards.

I'm on an RTX 2080 in an AMD Ryzan 2700 system. The issue has been seen on both 1xxx and 2xxx cards - but some people with the same cards don't have it. No idea what's the common link yet...

But here is where you can get the working driver for a rollback:https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/162984/en-us

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