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Winter's Presence Not Showing

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So, January last year I decided to create a new character, and ended up going with a "Snow Queen" theme for her.

As I was finishing her off, I saw someone with a snowfall around them, and got super excited, as that would finish her off perfectly.

I asked, and found out that the effect was from "Winter's Presence", and that I was two weeks too late to get it, as the Wintersday Festival was over.

Well, typisch!

So, I then spent all of 2020 looking forward to the next Wintersday Festival, and finally getting my "Winter's Presence", to finish off my "Snow Queen" look.

And now it's here, yay!!!

So, I start working my way through the required stuff to do it.

Spend lots of gold buying bits.

I even force myself to do the Jumping Puzzle, even though I loathe them.Seriously! Why are Jumping Puzzles even a thing in an MMO? A genre highly susceptible to lag and lacking much in the way of fine movement. This isn't the '80s any more!And why, WHY, is so much of the game tied to the [rude words] things?!?!


So, after waiting a year, spending lots and lots of gold, doing an incredibly frustrating jumping puzzle three times, I finally have my "Winter's Presence", yay me!!!


Only to find that it doesn't work with Outfits!



Who the [more rude words] came up with that stunning bit of thinking?

And what [highly descriptive opinion] person thought "Not only is that a great idea, but we should definitely not mention it on the wiki pages, so people can waste time and money for nothing"?



I have several other cosmetic effects on other characters, from Infusions, which go in armour pieces, and those still show up even when wearing an Outfit.

So the logial assumption, given one set of evidence in this hand, and a lack of information to the contrary in that hand, is that the "Winter's Presence" effect would show up when wearing an Outfit.

Could we please have this fixed so I didn't just waste around 600 Gold for nothing?


One hugely disappointed Snow Queen, with no snow 8-(

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It's tied to the skin like any other armour/weapon effect and they have never worked with outfits. I agree an infusion would be better all round - same as with the Halloween version, but that request has been asked for years and I'm as of yet, there has been no response to it. it might be related to when they designed it, cosemtic infusions weren't a thing - or at least barely a thing.

As for the wiki, well that's a player run thing. You can make the adjustments yourself to clarify it for others I believe

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