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How do you farm Ley Line Crystals


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Get on the map when it first resets, then do each lane's events to completion. Keep rotating between the lanes, opening up caches afterwards, until meta pops, then join a group from LFG and taxi to the meta map (if you're not on it), and do meta. Once all that's said and done, grab the Chak Garent chest, and from the Hero's Choice Chest pick Chak Gullet, then continue farming caches.

You basically just have to do it all in a big loop.

If you're good at soloing you can also get alot of crystals by doing the HPs repeatedly on different characters. Many of them give 20 Ley Line Crystals per day per character, even if you've already done it before.

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I didn't have much time to do everything every day, so I just do the meta daily and not open any caches for like a month or two. Now I have more than I'll ever need (sitting on 17k crystals and 800+ acids)

Yeah, not really an efficient way to do it, but crafting legendary is a long journey anyway, so why not saving it remotely?

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