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What's shakin in the crucible?


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Automated tournaments, a pvp league system, a monthly tournament where the winner has a statue in game, you have an open pvp arena in the heart Of the mists, you have between the pvp ranked seasons an off season (it's currently till Tuesday) mini seasons 2v2, 3vs3, there is a new game mod (only in unranked an offseason maybe) called stronghold and you get now a lot Of gold in pvp, you also have top titles if you enter the top 250 in the leader bord

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@Multicolorhipster.9751 said:If you're looking for something hot try burn DH.

That's the second time i've made this joke too, i'll show myself out

Honestly that builds so bad for a new player, as well as a good player. The moment an opponent identifies a new player on a burn setup they will spawn camp them out of the match. And more often than not, there will be at least one player in the match who knows exactly how to shut down a new burn dh.

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