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"Too much decorations in this area" when it's definitely under the limit (Does anyone know a fix?)

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In Gilded Hollow, @ certain areas, like the area behind the pvp lobby to be up high, & the house that's visible from the scribing station SW, both myself and a friend ran into this "Too much decorations in this area" issue when we are quite under the limit.

For my friend, she was under the limit, I think reached the limit, tried to remove a few decorations so she could go back to under the limit, and it just wouldn't take. No matter how much she logged back in and out or went to the guild hall and back, she had to remove the whole thing and give up on the area. This was at the house visible from the scribing station.

For me, I reached the limit, attempted to remove one object, and then boom, I couldn't put anything down again in that area. I removed a decor somewhat around that area (but maybe not in range) too just to see if it was because of the recent stuff I added.

I made a bug report already, so I'm mostly here to ask- does anyone know a way to fix this or refresh the limit so it is properly de-incremented and accurate as a workaround for now? Before, going in and back out of the guild hall fixed this bug but right now it just is stuck :(. I don't get why we were able to place stuff legally down, and now that we remove an item and add it back it doesn't work anymore for decorating.

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I've had occurences of placing tons of decoration in one certain area, then accidentally deleting one piece - and upon trying to put it back there was told that I couldn't, not even in close proximity.

I ended up having to redo the whole area and, in the end, with two to three less pieces of decoration allowed than had previously been there. - Logic?

The whole system seems flawed.

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There is no denying the whole decorating system is really wonky.I find two particular issues:

1) refresh time of the guild hall. Removing a decoration does not automatically set the decoration count back. As cloudsareyum mentioned, sometimes logging in and out will reset the count and sometimes it will not. I have sometimes had to leave the game completely and come back several hours later. I have also had this be an issue the other way, adding a decoration did not increase the count and so I have put more than the allowed number in an area with the result that when I did need to remove one I could not replace it. There does not seem to be any consistent way to refresh the count which is really frustrating when you are working right up to the allowable limit.

2) the placement point of a decoration. Sometimes it is the anchor point. For instance, pirate flags count from the center of the base which means you can sometimes put things at the top of the flag and not have the two objects count as in the same "area." On the other hand, it seems long pieces of race track have the anchor point at one end but the count point at the other. So sometimes I have been able to game the system by turning the track around. For Ominous walls the anchor point is in the center but I have never figured out where the count point is located - sometimes turning them around allows me to add more decorations and sometimes it does not. And don't get me started on ice walls. I may be placing something on one level and an ice wall 3 levels above me will turn red, meaning it is in the count zone when it should be quite a distance outside.

The only work around I can suggest is logging in and out, try turning large items around and, if you can, get 5 other guildies to log into your guild hall to force a new guild hall instance and refreshed count. And if the place you are decorating is near an entry point sometimes you can log in and quickly sneak in a decoration before other decorations in the area have loaded.

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Part of the problem is that decorations have different zones for adding and removal. This means you can sometimes adds a decoration, but if you remove it, the decoration can't be put back. This is caused by a nearby decoration having an extremely large placement zone, for example Red Lanterns are bad about this. The only solution to this problem is to rebuild the entire area.

A good rule of thumb is to always try to space things out more when you rebuild it, and to place troublesome items last.

There's also a bug where if you bring up Guild panel, Decorations tab and double-click a decoration and immediately place it with action camera upon entering decoration mode before the model even shows up, it will ignore all the restrictions. If this happens everyone has to exit the guild hall and reload the entire instance for the bugged decoration to show up, and if you didn't have any spares of that decoration it'll randomly remove an existing one from somewhere else, which can take forever to figure out where it came from.

Note that PvP arena "obsticles" count towards the global limit of 2k(?) decorations for the guild hall.

The whole system is kind of badly implemented.

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