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Allies and Factions... (spoiler warning)

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Where will it lead?

Now, loads of allies comes, also 2 factions emerges.Will we choose a faction? Be able to pick henchmen from either faction?Will there be new races among them that becomes playable? Other ideas?

For me i feels like all this could lead to something really integrering. I just dont know what.

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So far the whole Factions thing is a big disappointment for me, since it is restricted to yet another instanced, niche gameplay mode. Also, the help you get from the NPC allies plain sucks.

I was hoping we would see battles pop up in the Open World, and that our new Masteries would make us stronger and better in dealing with those Battles, in the form of NPC allies coming to our aid (and actually making a difference). Like a battalion of Dwarves suddenly popping up. But I guess the latter is hard to balance, since the skills/DPS-gap between different players can be so large.

So I am hoping the OP is right, and this is a prelude to a truly new interesting feature that involves factions and Allies. And choices to make! But I guess that will never happen, not an Anet thing.

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