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raid noob looking for Glenna run to unlock masteries


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Eventually I would like to raid regularly and will do my homework to put together a good meta build. But for the time being, I just want to unlock the raid mastery line.

My only max level character is an ele—in full ascended gear—but not one the recommended meta.

I am looking for a guild or group willing to let me join a run.


Edit: posted in wrong sub-forum and I don' t see a way to move or even delete a post so sorry peeps

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I doubt you will get any takers here without offering up gold for a carry. I would help, but I don't have a static group, I pug everything.

These are your options as I see them:

-Spend the ~70gold (im gonna guess prices so bare with me) to switch your ascended gear in the mystic forge to berserkers and run a meta build for raids and pug them/run them with your guild. Qtfy.eu has nice meta build templates and guides.-pay for a full carry of everything (no idea how much this would be, but I dont recommend because raids are fun as hell)-go the cheaper option and buy exotic berserker gear for your weaver spec, it wont be as much dps technically but most average players don't play optimally anyway.

Luckily for you, if you go for options 1 or 3, I will definitely help you set up a group and run a few of the easy bosses and long as you promise to learn the boss mechanics (all on youtube) and have a decent idea of your DPS rotation (also all on youtube).Most pug groups can do everything now a days with a bit of patience and there are mastery points in wing 3 just sitting around for free.

Im trying to max out my mastery too by doing open world stuff, I'm mainly a PvP player but I do raids and fractals daily. If you want to do some of this stuff together it might make everything a little easier for us.

Interpretor.3091 - I'm NA btw

Ps: probably another 30 gold for scholar runes

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I'd say if you just want to do a raid for mastery unlock, honestly buy it. I've seen guilds selling it for 50g VG in LFG. Don't get me on the 50, that was the lowest I sawIf you planning to raid more frequently try to get into classes abit more (builds, gear, rotation, etc). Always state your current level of experience.There are a number of raid learn guilds like raiders inn for na and crossroads inn for euIt's up to you.Also wait until today's patch, there may be a change for mastery to be needed for spirit shards

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