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Injustice for asura medium armor - Fashion Wars 2


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as someone who is spending a lot of time with the outward appearance of my asura characters, especially with my main classes thief and ranger,I find it very frustrating that there is a huge lack of feminine looking armor pieces for asura. I don't want to use outfits, because I enjoy giving my creativity more room by putting different armor pieces together.

The medium armor trenchcoat problem is already a topic that a lot of people are aware of, but the majority of the playerbase ( -> human female meta) are blessed with several armor pieces that embrace the feminine side of their character.With the release of the Icebrood Saga and the following Raven Ceremonial armor we could finally have feminine looking medium armor for asura!BUT the chest piece for medium classes is tied together with the skirt, while the light and heavy armor classes are separately available.

That one chest piece, that is finally created for only female asura (does not share the same outfit with male asura), is only available for light and heavy classes!?

Please make a separate chest piece, that is already implemented into the game, possible for medium armored asura female too!0NXqUgb.jpg

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@Fueki.4753 I know that this outfit is tied together in medium armor for every race. The problem is that medium armored asura female does not have an alternative chest piece that looks feminine. This is the only one and I wish that this chest piece is available for medium too. There does not have to be a skirt. If they want a skirt for medium armor... make it it tied together to avoid the trenchcoat problem, but give us in addition a separate chest piece.

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