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Ranger traps


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@Nozdu.5971 said:Edit: sorry I misunderstood, you can evade dh trap and evading ranger traps you will still get hit, is that it ?

Yeah. The way I try to deal with DH traps in general is to note where the player was when they were placed, run to the edge of the range of the trap then dodge through that area. DH traps trigger as soon as I come into the trigger range so the damage is evaded, but the ranger ones (particularly the knockdown trap) feel like I enter the range of the trap mid dodge, the dodge ends, then the trap triggers.

This isn't a request for a nerf or anything like that by the way, I want to understand the skill so I can change my play to counter it better. Right now I'm not sure if it's a difference between the trigger ranges, or the way the skill is coded, or if it's just confirmation bias, but I feel like I mostly dodge DH traps but I almost always get hit by ranger traps. I tend to avoid the area in open field and use the range of the deadeye rifle to pressure the ranger now, but that isn't always an option, particularly if it is a condi build and I'm on a melee daredevil build.

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There is a slight delay between trigger and hit on spike trap (and maybe also the others, not sure), so if you dodge into the trap, meaning it triggers at the end of your evasion frame, it can still hit you. However if the trap triggers at the beginning of your dodge, it will definitely miss, so it doesn't actually "wait" for your dodge to end before the hit.

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It's Spike Trap.

Spike Trap doesn't actually trigger immediately on cast, it has a casting animation which applies the effects after.(When the Spikes come shooting out is the part yu have to dodge)

I usually move into the trap and dodge the moment my dodge actually clears the entire AoE, which isn't actually enormous. (240 radius)

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