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MMO raiding mouse?

Bast Bow.2958Bast Bow.2958 Member ✭✭
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I'm struggling to do everything with my keyboard with my left hand, and I don't have enough buttons on my current mouse to bind all utilities, elite, heal, F-skills, weapon swap etc. That's why I'm planning on buying a MMO raid mouse. If you have experience with either mentioned, which one do you prefer, and why?

MMO raiding mouse? 108 votes

Logitech G600
DarkMonk.4531meeflak.9714Geisterlicht.6083kujc.9843Gabesz.3895ButterPeanut.9746strangercandy.5249NotOverlyCheesy.9427Fluffy.1932Rising Dusk.2408Anela.3867spiritualabyss.7016Altair.8402ProtoGunner.4953Yasi.9065Selenya.6410Control.8154TPMN.1483Tyrane.9321LightningWolfTigerBear.6725 33 votes
Razer Naga Chroma
Skull.1390GrimmR.3541Dahkeus.8243SmirkDog.3160TexZero.7910Hitlit.7630Robban.1256Tsume.4762Suziana.3759MakoEffect.2430sokeenoppa.5384GWMO.4785Mr Lock.5079Adoninilol.3180Drachenkrieger.5241STIHL.2489Aurelius.6829czerwoni.9563Makai.3429Neage.3579 36 votes
Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB
Fig.8257Ara.4569Mikezaner.1524Dovienya.6597carvanha.7341tomwjd.8172wtfkirk.6549Tajiseed.7831nimitz.2348Skylarkst.4921 10 votes
mazut.4296Kheldorn.5123Blaeys.3102reikken.4961Vavume.8065Curunen.8729insanemaniac.2456Silmar Alech.4305Malediktus.9250Sinriel.4539Mourningcry.9428Kronos.3695Tarasicodissa.7084PzTnT.7198Isidar.4789Exalted Quality.8534Henry.5713Murdock.6547Glott.7239No One.3716 29 votes


  • Haishao.6851Haishao.6851 Member ✭✭✭

    I've been using a naga for 5 years and I think it's fine, but I'm thinking of trying the corsair next because of the adjustable side panel.
    I currently find the 1 2 3 buttons too far up on my mouse for the way I hold it so I only use 4 to 12 in combat.

  • Logitech G600

    I've owned both the Naga and the G600, and it's much easier to navigate the 12 thumb buttons on the G600 due to them being angled into a discrete feeling top and bottom set of 6. I sometimes found my thumb was getting lost on the Naga. They're both excellent, but the G600 is best for me.

  • Other

    currently using Logi G502 and and I am very satisfied

  • Kronos.3695Kronos.3695 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 19, 2017

    @Pavlarian.4389 said:
    currently using Logi G502 and and I am very satisfied

    You don't need much additional buttons on mouse for this game, so G502 is the perfect balance (if you like me play both Guild Wars 2 and various FPS) :)

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  • Logitech G600

    G600/G602 here and all good :)

  • Henry.5713Henry.5713 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 16, 2017

    Went through two Razer Nagas and later a Mad Catz MMO7. Ended up breaking the scroll wheels on two of them. The MMO7 especially seems to be rather delicate.
    All though, might just been me and my hard use, haha.

    Bought my current Lioncast LM30 on a whim afterwards. Wasn't sure at first but it ended up being just as good of a mouse. All in all a cheaper alternativ and my favorite so far due to some extra customizability and some flashy LED effects.

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  • Other

    been using a razer naga hex for 3 years and it's great

  • xDudisx.5914xDudisx.5914 Member ✭✭✭
    Razer Naga Chroma

    I use a razer naga to play. I activate the 3 utilities, healing and elite skill on the mouse. There are buttons left, but I prefer to use the rest of my skills on keyboard.

  • Thanks, so far. Makes my choice easier

  • Other

    I've been using for the last 3 years my Corsair m95 vengeance. You have 13 buttons on the left side, it's really comfortable (the buttons have a different shape so you recognize em by tactical feedback) and it's not too bulky. I now went for a g502 to play overwatch, but for gw2 i would never give up my m95.

  • ProtoGunner.4953ProtoGunner.4953 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Logitech G600

    G600 all the way, best (peripheral) hardware I bought for my PC in years. I had the Naga for a short time. It broke within one week. Never again this overpriced kitten.

  • thrdeye.1028thrdeye.1028 Member ✭✭✭
    Logitech G600

    I've tried the Naga and G600. I like both, but the G600 buttons are angled in a way that makes it easier to differentiate them. There is also a ring finger button on this mouse that can be bound to a modifier (I strongly recommend changing this from Alt if you use the tab targeting). The only drawback is that with all these buttons there's more to go wrong and you'll probably be buying another one within a couple years. You should also be aware that there's a huge learning curve to these mice and you basically have to force yourself to use them until it feels natural. The G600 can usually be found for $35-45 on Amazon, the Naga is a bit more.

  • Other

    I've been using a Redragon Legend for the past year and a bit. Probably one of the cheaper option out of the lot and it hasn't let me down at all. No mechanical failures or issues at all since I've had it. I wholeheartedly recommend it. It has 22 buttons by the way. You can find it for about 40$ on amazon.

  • Dovienya.6597Dovienya.6597 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 20, 2017
    Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB

    I strongly recommend going to a shop in person, if you can, and seeing how different mice fit in your hand first.

    I used the Logitech G series for a long time, and always liked them. The Corsair Scimitar is wonderful for my hand size and posture. The ability to slide the 12 side key pad for preference, is also excellent.

    I had a Naga briefly, it did not last long. I have been beating the kitten of of my Scimitar for quite a while now with no complaints.

  • Other

    I was in same situation as the OP. I decided to use a Logitech G700s. That's not a true MMO mouse with 12 thumb buttons, but it has 4 (and a lot of others).

    I also own a G600 and tried that for a few weeks, but I wasn't satisfied. The speed to press the thumb buttons was far far less than the speed I was able to press the skills with my left hand at the keyboard.

    Initially, I wanted to get balanced use of both hands to maximize speed and precision. I wanted to be able to move and use skills at the same time and with ultimate precision. I already moved the skills 6..0 to some keys on the left half of the keyboard, so I was able to use them without moving a hand to the right side of the keyboard or worse, to click skills.

    A problem is always to move and use skills with the left hand at the same time. So I bought a G600 MMO mouse and configured all skills to the G600 thumb buttons.

    Wasn't working, because the precision of character movement lacked. Every time I pressed the thumb, I kind of displaced the character. Or I accidently moved the character during channeling, so the channeling was aborted. How often I aborted Meteor Shower this way!

    It also took much longer to actually fire a skill with the G600 than with the keyboard. I created a small program that ordered me to press a random skill and measured the reaction time. With keyboard, standard reaction time was about 300 milliseconds. With the G600 thumb buttons, it was about 1000-1500 milliseconds. Yes, more than one second reaction time. It took too long for my brain to make the thumb navigate to one of 12 button positions and the thumb to actually press the button.
    I practiced 2 weeks, but I wasn't able to get near my keyboard time. So I decided to not use the G600.

    I use the G700 instead. It has 4 thumb buttons and 3 additional buttons at the top of the mouse. The 4 thumb buttons are perfect for F1..F4, especially for the elementalist attunements. The 3 additional buttons are for special action key and other non-movement non-skill usage (weapon change, mount usage).

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  • MrRuin.9740MrRuin.9740 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 20, 2017

    @Kronos.3695 said:
    You don't need much additional buttons on mouse for this game, so G502 is the perfect balance (if you like me play both Guild Wars 2 and various FPS) :)

    You may not need them, but they're pretty nice to have. I have the Logitech G600 and have pretty well everything bound to the mouse, from attacks to skills/f-skills to dodge and about face to mount secondary skill. It's convenient, feels and works so good that I honestly don't think I could go back to having any fewer mouse buttons than this now.

    @Silmar Alech.4305 said:

    It also took much longer to actually fire a skill with the G600 than with the keyboard. I created a small program that ordered me to press a random skill and measured the reaction time. With keyboard, standard reaction time was about 300 milliseconds. With the G600 thumb buttons, it was about 1000-1500 milliseconds. Yes, more than one second reaction time. It took too long for my brain to make the thumb navigate to one of 12 button positions and the thumb to actually press the button.
    I practiced 2 weeks, but I wasn't able to get near my keyboard time. So I decided to not use the G600.

    This isn't the fault of the hardware, though that you didn't get the hang of it (not a slight against you, some people just may not be able to do it). Personally, my reaction time and playing got better with it. Yes, there is a learning curve, but now my thumb knows where all those buttons are just as well as a console controller, which may be why I prefer the buttons on the mouse as I was raised on and still heavily play retro consoles, so I'm used to the thumb action. It's far better than when I was trying move and use skills with the left hand (and I was always having to glance at the keyboard because I just can't play well that way, like you can't properly with a G600)

  • Other

    I use
    ZELOTES C-12 12Key Wired USB
    Pros :
    Easy to adjust with Mouse Software
    Price 16 Euro
    Addable and removable weight
    Nice Light effect

    Cos: might take some time to get used if you used a smaller mouse
    Bottom 6 and 9 are not very comfortable But I stored on them rarely used skills or skills with higth CD

    Over all 10/10 for me !!

  • Original naga with the two buttons in the top left of the mouse. That was my switch weapon and dodge keys... now im using a redragon perdition with only one button in that area its my weapon swap and now button 4 on mouse is dodge these i would put at the top two since they are similar.

    Problem with these mouses are they are small and easily give carpal tunnel.

  • Logitech G600


    Fully customizable and friendly software, comfortable, easy to navigate due to angled buttons, long-lasting build quality

    kudos logitech

  • Blaeys.3102Blaeys.3102 Member ✭✭✭

    I use a Mad Catz Cyborg MMO7 and have for years (across multiple games). I love it.

  • Bast Bow.2958Bast Bow.2958 Member ✭✭
    edited October 22, 2017

    Thanks all. Because of your input I wanted to go for the G600, but it’s not available in my country anymore. Instead they offer the G602, which is what I bought. Did some more research about palm- and claw-grip and this mouse should fit me. There’s really a lot of info about a mouse which I didn’t knew before.

    I don’t have a valid reason why I chose Logitech over Razer. Only thing is I’m familiar with Logitech and I’m not with Razer. Well and the G602 has less buttons, but enough for me so I don’t have to learn too many buttons to muscle-memorize. And it’s wireless which wasn’t what I was looking for inititally but it’s a nice pro. So it seems there are some small reasons for me to chose Logitech over Razer.

    Now I’m in the process of learning all the buttons. Which makes my rotation a bit slower for now, but probably will get faster once I’ll start to get familiar with them. And jumping back into raids, shrugging off the rust, it’s been 2 months.

    Again, thanks all for the input.

  • Other

    I can at least recommend the roccat nyth. Ive had a lot of gaming mice over the years and this is one of the best ive had.

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  • Other

    You tried a G602? Hey, that layout is new (for me). Looks like a compromise between the G700 and the G600 - 8 thumb buttons in 2 rows, thats very similar to the G700. Very interesting. Seems more accessible than the G600 buttons.
    Ummm.... must... resist... buy... new... hardware.... not... in... computer... budget... this... year...

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  • Yes. Bought it actually. Indeed it seems like a compromise of those 2. And it being wireless is nice too. I haven't tried the G600 so I'm not sure how accessible those buttons are, but these are very accissible with your thumb, you don't have to (over)stretch your thumb to press all the side buttons.

  • Makai.3429Makai.3429 Member ✭✭✭
    Razer Naga Chroma

    I use a Razer Naga and have mapped nearly every skill to it. Being able to play with less pressure on my left hand has helped tremendously.

    Off to play games that reward strategy and thought. Farewell, Watch the Floor Simulator.

  • Ara.4569Ara.4569 Member ✭✭✭
    Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB

    G600 has only 3 downsides (everything else is perfect):

    • it's hard to find (almost extinct)
    • side buttons need strong pression to activate, which is both tiresome in long sessions and makes movements jumpy / less precise
    • springs used for the clicks are cheap and once loose, you will experience unwanted clicks. Be ready to open the mouse and stretch the springs (tedious).

    Razer products are low quality / high price and usually something breaks after a year or 2. Not the case for everyone of course, but in average it has the shortest lifespan. I would advise to stay away.

    Unable to find a new G600 I bought a Scimitar Pro for 2.5x the price, ouch!

    • Movable panel is nice and finally allowed me to use almost all buttons.
    • Mechanical clicks are great, I don't think I can come back to G600!
    • Software allows you to do pretty much anything.


    • Software is buggy (I had to close it from task manager a few times when using software profiles) and it's cumbersome to use. But you can store hardware profiles to never rely on it.
    • Mousewheel is rather hard to click and misses the right and left push the G600 has.
    • Clicks are noisier than the other 2.

    Nerf everything to Power Reaper level.

  • Aetatis.5418Aetatis.5418 Member ✭✭✭
    Logitech G600

    g600 for large hands
    super durable and extremely easy to fix IF the clicks go bad (5cent copper-plate ftw.)
    the side-keys are easier to distinguish.
    only buyable in the us (or some ridicolous priced ebay ones in eu).
    if you get (by accident) an old one - there are software issues

    my razor on the other hand didnt last long. the side buttons wore down in a matter of months (the color peeled off. dunno ... i am poisonous or smth).
    the left click did go bad (double click, no click, perma click) in less than a year (and i dont play LoL or similar click heavy stuff - except for opening bags in gw2 before the last update). fixing the click was not even close to possible, because a plastic-part wears down, which is not replaceable :(
    the handling feels super cheap - like there is plastic and there is super light plastic that doesnt feel good... understand?

  • Hex.2579Hex.2579 Member ✭✭✭
    Logitech G600

    i'd probably go with the Logitech. i've had a chance to use it on my friend's computer and the shapes of buttons are neat. you wouldn't misclick or had to find your way around cuz the buttons' designs. there's the button for your ring finger as well. that's the only feature i look into it since my current mouse hurts my ring finger a lot.
    after that experience, i bought a Logitech mechanical keyboard and the quality and ease of use is nice on top of it.
    i like the Roccat mouse but they're quite pricey. while i heard Razer mouse is not that good in quality, and can be broken easily if you spvp and wvw a lot.
    if you have a chance to use them at a store, it'll be easier to decide. other than that, i'll swear by Logitech for both designs and the price tag.

  • Blaeys.3102Blaeys.3102 Member ✭✭✭

    It is worth adding - as Hex.2579 also states above - definitely invest in a mechanical keyboard if you enjoy gaming on the PC or semicompetitive activities such as raiding. For me, it makes more of a difference than the mouse.

  • Logitech G600

    I used to use both a Razer Naga and Nostromo (left-hand mini keyboard) in the past, and while they were fine to use they both died suspiciously shortly after their warranties expired. I just have a Logitech G600 now and I like it better than the Naga because the keys feel more distinct.

  • reikken.4961reikken.4961 Member ✭✭✭

    I use a mouse that has 5 extra buttons. Doing everything with my left hand is indeed awful. but so is doing everything with my thumb. This setups feels very well distributed.

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