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Please change the Dominion Comm Tower in Drizzlewood Coast

Kodama.6453Kodama.6453 Member ✭✭✭✭

It turns out that the tower can get cleaved outside of the event, people are using it to "prepare" the tower and cleaving it down to low health.
When the event comes up, the tower is already at 5-10% health and literally gets destroyed in a few seconds (I actually just did that event and the tower legit just lasted 2 seconds).

And people are not even using the bomb mechanic at all, since you can just cleave the tower down. I don't think that has been the intention of the event.
Please change it that the tower can't get damaged outside of the event. Even better if the tower can just get damaged by the bombs spawning with the event. Give players passing by a fair chance to snatch that event.


  • I have not seen this event active once and i sat there for over an hour wondering when it was even going to start, i left it for half a second only to find it destroyed already, bad daily man

  • videoboy.4162videoboy.4162 Member ✭✭✭

    The only one I ever see active, is the one by the Village. Even then, I only see it if the village gets captured a few minutes before the Lighthouse.

  • notebene.3190notebene.3190 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I think it would be nice if you had to use the supplied bombs to damage the tower itself. I was alone once when it started, and joined shortly after by one other person, and we both used the bombs and sprint and hide skills to do it, and it seemed pretty fun. Having said that, I have stood at the tower waiting for the 'encrypted message' event to end at the Mines (always seems to start right after that event) and used an EMP on it (even after this morning's patch) as soon as the mobs dropped and than ran and dodged out of the way and hid as others came and did the same and in a few short seconds the tower was down. I have one more to do, and I'm going to at least 'start' that way, even if I'm the only one there at the time, because otherwise you miss out on getting it. The first few times I tried it I came running down the little hill with my bomb and the tower blew up before I got it there. :/

    In the event I don't get a chance, thank you all for the company and help when I needed it from time to time.

  • LucianDK.8615LucianDK.8615 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited June 9, 2020

    Yes, the tower have way too low health. But yes, you can damage it by just spamming aoe on it. even if you cant target it. No need for bombs.. But the tower event always follows a sucssesful intelligence gathering. Which they today fixed the bug that was stalling it.

  • Zaxares.5419Zaxares.5419 Member ✭✭✭

    You can also get credit for the event just by killing the Dominion mobs that spawn around the tower when the event starts. If you get there early, just Raptor pull 2 or 3 of the enemies in, cleave them down, and you can just sit back and let others destroy the Tower. You'll still get credit for it.