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Any more (collection) achievements that everyone should unlock?

Wayfare.3428Wayfare.3428 Member
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Having just started on the Vision achievement I found Lady Camilla in Kourna who activates a number of collection achievements for free. If I had activated these when I first came to Kourna, they'd be over 50% done by now :/ So my question is: are there any other such achievements that a player can unlock for free (or just very easily) to let fill up during casual play? There are just way too many achievements in the wiki to wade through, which is why I'm asking here :)


  • Randulf.7614Randulf.7614 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    That's odd, because if memory serves, you are prompted to speak to her during the story and you unlock them when you get a mail to go and see her about halfway through it

    As for collections, that's a tricky one to answer. The ones she has are far reaching and few are like that to be honest. Every map has collections though - sometimes you can't do them until after certain things are done like story or other achievements. I just work thorugh them map by map looking through the panel to see what is achieveable

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    There is one achievement in particular, which requires you to do nothing but log in once per month and visit and of the cities. It rewards 3 AP, a Title, a Backpack, 12k Karma and a Celebration Booster.

    If you are interested, head to the Eldvin Monastery in Queensdale and talk to Master Brewer Desch to purchase a Membership (10 gold).

    Other achievements which sort of complete on your journey through Tyria are

  • Thanks both, I'm aware of those collections so I'm glad I'm not missing anything else :) I don't know why they didn't unlock the first time I was in Kourna. Both me and my girlfriend played through the story as soon as it came out and it hadn't unlocked for either of us.

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    When you complete a heart always check the vendor if he has some collection items to offer. Usually, these are obvious even if you don't know what you are looking for like a lvl 80 item in a low lvl zone or just something with a description and no apparent use.

    You can start precursor collections for legendaries at Grandmaster Hobbs in Lion's Arch. The first part usually requires running around maps doing random stuff. You will need legendary precursor crafting mastery. Beware these can clutter your inventory, bank.

  • Free tiger spirit mini.

    Came in the game with Chuka and Champawat, but you don't have to do the legendary to get this mini.