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Your most fun experiences with raids

There are many threads about experiences with certain content and after the last thread about this, I wanted to bring up a positive thread about this topic.

Therefore, what are your lovely experiences with raids?

I have a few. One of them is how I introduced our guild to raiding with a friend and total casuals who took absolutely nothing seriously suddenly had successes with a little effort and were so happy about it.
And it was great fun to lead these raids with said friend.
Through these raids I also met two great people. With one of them, I was mega skeptical at the beginning and did not want under any circumstances that he comes into our TS and ruins our great, chill atmosphere.
But he came and I had a few great months in the game, until he had at some point no more interest in raids and also with me the interest in gw2 generally sank more and more.

Gw2 would (for me personally) no fun without such meetings. Playing alone can be fun, but with good friends everything is just better :).


  • sokeenoppa.5384sokeenoppa.5384 Member ✭✭✭✭

    My weekly clear with my static i supose. Doesn't sound like a much of a story but thats the most fun experience for me. Something to wait for every week, friends get together, grab few beers and wreck bosses.

    I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

  • Fenella.2634Fenella.2634 Member ✭✭✭

    Good idea. ^^

    I love raiding with my guilds, however, most of the most fun episodes have to do with social stuff, so telling it here wouldn't mean much to other people.
    Maybe this story fits:
    When we had just started raiding, we were training in W4 and we were a little short on players. Even after going through all our guilds and friends lists, we still had two vacant positions, so we went to LFG, of course advertising as training run. Two players joined and it was very obvious very soon that they were way more experienced than any of us eight guildies. We expected them to leave at any point, with or without insulting us first, but instead, those two made it their mission to carry eight noobs all the way through Cairn, MO and Samarog. XD They switched classes so often and really put in so much work, it was ... a bit embarassing for us, sure, but on the other hand really amazing how they played. ^^ We didn't know them, we didn't pay them, we didn't look for pro raiders in LFG. Sometimes strange things happen. Maybe we were someone's twitch content for the evening, who knows.

    Most of the fun for me seriously comes from playing together in semi-static groups with more or less consistent groups of friends for a long time. The bosses and rewards are nice too, but it's the social aspect and the progress we see that give me longterm motivation.

    1. Finishing my legendary armor
    2. First kill on Deimos (not the hardest of bosses but definitely a lot of fun)
    3. First kill on Twin Largos
  • For me it's that one time when I put a heart marker on ca and it appeared on its boobs. Or maybe when some soulbeast called double d thicc girl joined.

  • HnRkLnXqZ.1870HnRkLnXqZ.1870 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The few times I have ever done a raid, I did not want to. The guild was assembling a squad, mostly for training runs and lacked one player. Opposite to the prejudices about raids, I was kindly asked to join with what ever class I felt comfortable with. Knowing how raids actually worked, I still picked one of those builds that perform a little better and rely on external healing to stay alive.

    I will never forget the first time. Escort. It took us like 8-9 tries to get even past the first fortress. After one wipe, one of our team asked "who the hell is Mine? That thing one-shot me for over 20k!" A moment of silence, then one of the more experienced in our group told them about the mines scattered around the area. I was not hit by one so far, but did not notice them either. So we were more carefully looking at the ground from that on. That is the thrill of not watching countless guides and videos before you do a content. It is risky, you may fail, but it is exciting and sometimes funny.

    A few times later we messed up at the towers. Jumped off too early = mesmer was killed, glider did not open, varg caught glenna. But after giving it a few more tries, we even made it to McLeod. I got my raid-mastery track unlockded that day and was finally able to outmax my mastery-rank. It was a nice experience, chill atmosphere and the very extreme opposite of what you normally read on these boards.

    A while ago, I tried to spread some positive atmosphere as well, with a thread about LFG. It worked for a short while, but I am happy to see someone else give it a try. This board still has way too much negative energy. The content is not bad, neither the community is. But when people talk about it, they sadly often talk about bad things that happened. Thank you for this thread and everyone for sharing their experiences.

  • Westenev.5289Westenev.5289 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I was doing Dungeons with a friend. We were drinking and everyone was extremely lively in the chat. Turns out the three guys we were dungeoning with were all in the same raiding guild, and were just killing time since their guild were down 2 members. So my friend and I tagged along, joined the discord and drank some more. Hadn't raided in years by that point, but they were patient and good people. Even asked me if I "Feel the burn" after being hit by sabetha's flamethrower...

    Yeah, this community has some weird and wonderful people alright.

  • WindBlade.8749WindBlade.8749 Member ✭✭✭
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    Just playing them is funny for me, i always found sad that the most fun content (boss fight and others) are always the minority of gameplay in mmo you do (except when you have finished the rest i guess) .... Yes i'm a mecamaniac that love evading aoe and stuff and doing meca ... too bad the openworld is mindless

    My favorite moment ? i guess largos, dhuum green / kiting and maybe desmina pushing