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When is next allied faction arriving?

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In chapter 1 it acted this way: 1 week of community event then 1 week of nothing to continue with 1 week with second helping faction and a final week of nothing.
Chapter 1 was released 17th november with crystal bloom, the 1st december it continues with ebon vanguard, Chapter 2 was released the 19th january with deldrimor dwarves.

Chapter 1: 17th november to 1st december is indeed two weeks. 1st december to 15th december is two week.
It was followed by wintersday, from 15th december to 5th january (3 weeks) then 2 weeks of nothing.
Chapter 2: 19th january to 2nd february is again indeed 2 weeks. BUT then, we got lunar new year with an indicator of a 3 weeks length.

So I'm asking, is this chapter in stasis until the end of the festival? No new faction before 23th february? boring. Technically if the two week spaces would have been respected, the exalted would have been with us since 2nd february what a bummer. Should I understand that exalted are comming the 23th february and end the 9th march?

9th march is the release of chapter 3? If festival are put in the chapters release schemes, 9th march to 23th march is tengu to end with from 23th march to 6th april with skritts.
SAB would then arrive the 6th april, with at least i hope for 2 new zones. SAB would have 3 week too, so would last the 27th april.

The 27th April would arrive chapter 4, and if scheme is respected it means 4 needed weeks again, so it ends the 25th may.

May would be release of EOD? "The fourth chapter was originally planned for May 2021, but we’re now aiming for a late April release." Something got cut?

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