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[Study] The current GW2 roaming meta

oscuro.9720oscuro.9720 Member ✭✭
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Hi everyone! I'm Oscuro, a long time roamer. I felt like doing a little project and was hoping to get the forum's help! I want to properly map the current standing of classes in the roaming and dueling metas. Attached to this post is a google form to rank the classes in each respective category of play (roaming and 1v1s). All of your information is anonymous and the data will only be used in the aggregate. I will then publish the results of the forum (and a few discords) view of the current ranking of the classes in the meta for both 1v1 and roaming!

Please try to be as unbiased towards your own class as possible (even though thats impossible because my main is clearly the worst and will never recover from the nerf patch /s). If you have any difficulty deciding between two classes at a given position, make the decision to the best of your ability! I'm not using a true rank-order system (for a few reasons), so its a bit janky xD.

I honestly don't know if this is against forum rules seeing as I am using an external polling mechanism, but I couldn't find out how to do rank order using the forum poll, so oh well. Sorry if it is. If it isn't, thank you for your assistance in advance, and I look forward to seeing your responses!

Poll: https://forms.gle/kQM8Aw1si3CFkoQC7

edit: Strongest would be 1, weakest would be 9.


  • Extacy.6192Extacy.6192 Member ✭✭

    What is the strongest/weakest? 1 or 4?

  • oscuro.9720oscuro.9720 Member ✭✭
    edited April 4, 2021

    @Extacy.6192 said:
    What is the strongest/weakest? 1 or 4?

    Strongest would be 1, weakest would be 9. Sorry if that is unclear. Editted op to include :)

  • Widmo.3186Widmo.3186 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Sleepwalker.1398 said:
    Current roaming meta is you go out alone and get jumped by 3-4 and there's a support FB in there somewhere in that mix.

    I thought that was always meta in certain 'roaming' groups

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  • ArchonWing.9480ArchonWing.9480 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Yea is why you run some bunker and kite them back into a zerg ;) Then they'll cry about being blobbed.

    Funny how people will complain about 20 vs 5 but have no qualm with 5v1 when it's basically the same thing....

  • Google be kitten. Condi necro beats most with thief and ranger classes its only trouble

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  • @DaVid Darksoul.4985 said:
    Google be kitten. Condi necro beats most with thief and ranger classes its only trouble

    One thing to consider about roaming or 1v1s, it's not necessarily about who beats what in this survey. But more often, what you're more likely to run into. Which, in my experience you're far more likely to run into a Thief or Ranger when you're roaming than you are any other class.

    So if your class struggles against them, but does better against classes that maybe they're weak against. You still look weaker, because you struggle against the more common classes. It's not purely how many classes you beat, it's how often you can win the match up you're in. Which is not an even distribution of classes.

    Also, "win" is very subjective here. Which is why the thief ends up being so common. If a thief runs into an unfavorable fight, or screws up. The thief has a metric ton of escapes to get out of there. Reset. And rethink his approach. Honestly, no other class in the game has that to the same degree. Thief's ability to reset fights is on a whole other level.

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