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Farming empyreal fragments?

It used to be dragonite ore that was hard to find, but these days I find myself lacking empyreal fragments. Where does one best farm these?


  • Sw cf, jumping puzzles, VB, edge of the mist, fractals (best vulcanic cus Magnificent Chest spawned by saving all the captives in the champion shaman fight gives (7-9 empyral fragments),open world chest

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  • Farm petrified stumps each day in Ember Bay

  • LadyKitty.6120LadyKitty.6120 Member ✭✭✭

    The frozen chests in Bitterfrost and Fire Orchid Blossoms in Draconis Mons also give them nicely.

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    dungeons give 20 each thats were I used to get mine

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    wait like 5 days and farm Wintersday events

  • @Gaellus.6081 said:
    Farm petrified stumps each day in Ember Bay

    The LS3 currency nodes drop ascended mats as follows:

    • Plants: dragonite ore
    • Trees: empyreals
    • Metal: Bloodstone dust

    My mnemonic for remembering this arbitrary system is: TreEmpyreal and the dust can't drop from plants (because there's no culinary uses for bloodstone)

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  • I just went to Draconis Mons for the first time. Really nice drop rate

  • @Morlock.8761 said:
    I just went to Draconis Mons for the first time. Really nice drop rate

    Keep in mind you can go through it once per day PER CHARACTER so if you need a lot of it fast just change characters and do it again

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    Farm TSW and buy trick or treat bags with the golds you made.

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