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Eater of Souls - The Departed

What were you thinking anet?! A boss that self heals way too often in a mission where your party members get bugged because it’s focused on the instance owner? I can’t pass this solo and it’s impossible to do in a group.



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    @Orimidu.9604 said:
    What were you thinking anet?! A boss that self heals way too often in a mission where your party members get bugged because it’s focused on the instance owner? I can’t pass this solo and it’s impossible to do in a group.

    I think members are purposefully changed into buff bots providing regen and might. Try to use that in your advantage and chnage tour build to opt for more burst or sustained dmg.

    Id suggest burst. Also i just did that part like 10 mins ago soloed it so theres that.

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    trick is to damage it more than it can heal "needling" it down most of my time in that whole instance was spent finding my gear.

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    It heals for at least half it’s max hp. There is no needling unless you’re a dps god.

  • Just done this and it did K.O me once. Luckily i switched to Weaver a while ago to give it another go so i had plenty of evades and interrupts for the break bar.

  • I cleared it as chrono but it took forever to figure out what it was going on. You can't open inventory, but you can access any gear you might keep in it by switching in the equipment menu. Basically face tanked him when he hadn't used his super heal in awhile and hit my CC shatter, Greatsword 5, whatever else wasn't on cooldown etc the second I saw the blue bar.

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    Just finished it with a cranger, avoid his jumps and lunges, and though his CC bar flashes pretty quickly it also breaks easily, a stun(on SB 5) broke it instantly.

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  • So my Dragonhunter Traps are useless on him, I only can damage him partly and that was it. Extreeeemely large cool down. All my gear is tailored to Toughness and Vitality. My only hope is using fire abilities but that means altering my entire build and having only 1 weapon a greatsword as I will lose access to my bow if i change anything.

    This is a worst time of my life and the worst choice I made to go Dragonhunter when HoT released to now kitten myself in Path of Fire what worked in HoT wont work in Path of Fire.

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    I am berserker weaver and even by surviving the grab and the AOE, it's impossible to bring the boss down more than 5% even with the full fire combo. I'll try to bug it because I'm not gonna pass 2 hours on that, I'm impressed by the patience of the people who do...

  • I'm trying right now to do the bug out one where you have him trapped behind a chain? like in the vid on YT, but he's just walking straight through it...

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    Welp fire is useless too on it, I picked the worst profession in the entire game and cannot pass it. I officially give up.

    This is no doubt the Broodmother mechanic as the one in Heart of Thorns which was just a headache because im useles trash at long range and I only have close range attacks always.

    No doubt my Reaper from HoT will always never pass it too all long close range, I tossed my staff away when I made the switch and find long range will be useless if I am just gonna be up close as reaper anyways.

    I might try beating it as firebrand but im on the fence with that. Balthazar was no issues fighting but this soul eater is impossible for me as a guardian. My Mesmer could do it I dont keep my clones out long as I use it to stack conditions with them, But im not playing the whole story to get to this part if my main character (Guardian) cannot pass an annoying boss.

    The upside is my mounts are all unlocked and all that.

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    I ended up beating it this morning with my berserker tempest. I relied on my conditions and elementals to hurt him, and as soon as the blue bar came up, I rolled as far away as I could. I found the farther away I was, the less he would heal. Rinse and repeat with condition damage and it took maybe 15 minutes.

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    If you're having trouble beating I can help shed some light on this, it's tricky the first time but simple after you understand it. What you really have to keep a eye out for is when it's about to do a leap strike(It will have a small circle AoE in front of the boss) Because right after it does that attack it goes into pull health siphon mode. 2 things you can do. When you see the circle telegraph in front of it appear, run away and gain some distance. It'll start to pull you but it won't gain any health so long as you've gained a bit of distance(Remember to keep moving away so you're not pulled to it.) The second option is to CC it when it's doing the leap attack. Any hard CC should break it easily(Guardian Shield 5 broke the bar every time), then proceed to continue to DPS with amplified damage. If you're not confident you'll land a hard CC in time, option one works best. Hope it helps.

  • Killed this silly boss first go after reading Irasch's comment.
    As holosmith, engaged in Photon and did as much damage with skills 1, 2, 3 not 4, 5 because they generate too much heat (don't want to overheat while evading the drain) when he does his jump just double evaded away from him. Once you get far enough away you can stand still and the animation for the lifesteal will hit you but it won't do anything. Turned off photon and went in with the 3 for quickness, then use whatever skills. Rinse and repeat four times and he should die.

  • @Malhanjia.1452 said:
    I'm trying right now to do the bug out one where you have him trapped behind a chain? like in the vid on YT, but he's just walking straight through it...

    Have to get him in the exact spot, it can take a couple tries.

  • I just spent 2 hours on my ranger trying to kill this boss. I think it needs to be tuned done or at least reduce the amount of healing he does to himself.

  • good lord I should not need my zerker gear in story mission boss fight

  • Im currently killing him with a flesh golem behind jokos prison,because im tired of dieing </3

  • The only thing you need to do to defeat this boss is stay far away from him and then run away when he does his big sucky sucky spell because its damage is proximity based and you can break it by running away.

  • I just finished this fight. After reading a few comments here I made some adjustments to my build and was able to take him down. I discovered that if you are able to hit his first break bar it cancels out the chain to the second. I'm not sure if someone else mentioned this because I didn't read all the comments, but thought I would include it. I ended up using this for my Specializations: Wilderness Survival - center line, Marksmanship - 1st center trait, then bottom trait for the final two, and Soulbeast - top line. I went into Soulbeast mode and did as much damage as I could while making sure my LB 4 was all set for that first break bar. I got him down in maybe 8 minutes after I got in the rhythm. I just hope this helps somebody XD GL HF

  • I cannot kill him, he cannot kill me. I tried staying at range as some people commented to avoid his beam attack, but he follows me around rather quickly and keeps himself in range. The cage chain trick might not work anymore, either. He was jumping through the cage in my instance. Anyway, the story was very nice -- and then it stopped. Will try again with another build next weekend. :(

  • with how short his blue bar was up, ive only been able to stun him with abilitys that have a half second cast time. if i used somthing that had three-quarters cast time, it was hit or miss if i was quick enough to cast it. the other issue ive had, is if he downs me then he pretty much heals back to full by the time im dead. so it doesnt matter how fast i run back to him.
    so i thought, ill just dodge his whats-it attack. others have suggest this worked for them. then im usually running into the issue of running out of energy.
    maybe your advice will help someone, but mechanically this is a very dull fight. there are going to be people that clear this fight very easy, and some that will really struggle, because the simple design of the fight will not treat different builds equally.
    simple mechanics are why people dont like things. look at smoke scales, i dont know anyone that likes fighting them. they do two things, put down a smoke field that you cant kill them in, and jump all around you so you cant kill them.

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    Odd I just beat him easily with non-crouched Deadeye which has beyond garbo DPS. I didn't realize he was even supposed to be difficult until I happened upon this thread. I used my dodge rolls when his beam was attached to me, seemed to prevent most of his healing. Maybe give that a try.

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    **I struggled VERY VERY long on thiss boss, until I discovered its weakness! And then it became EXTREMELY easy.
    **I play Gaurdian Axe, so I had an advantage, but Mesmers, Rangers and other classes can pull this off too.

    When his break bar goes blue, Use a Pull, Push, or any form of CC. It will INSTANTLY stun him.
    If he gets you and you are still alive, just keep running around until you have your heal up again and are back at full HP.
    Also, His HP does NOT reset immediately if you get downed. Just get some CC skills ready and you can make it.

    Build is not important, the key is CC when his breakbar becomes BLUE!

  • I haven't read all posts, so not sure if I am giving a tip that I have already given.. If so, I apologise!
    I did it on my necro, kind of lame tactic, but hey, it worked: I let my minions get aggro, then ran out of range. I stayed at the edge of range with my staff and slowly wore him down. His attacks didn't reach me and didn't kill my minions or healed on it.

  • Yeah, I used the Weaver and I couldn't do very much against him :/ Ended up trapping him in the cage, remembering I had a staff I could use, stood far enough away that he couldn't get me and very slowly used my AoE attacks on the area around the cage.

  • This fight.... spirits give me strength.... We tried for /hours/. a scourge and a weaver... Balthazar was cake, but the eater of souls....with the weaver out of commission as a stupid ghost orb, the scourge was stuck flying solo. It's bad enough the scourge is fairly broken, being stuck at 1/3 dps with no boons to rip, but the cc it can do, although fairly effective, when you can get them go off in that half second window, don't stop the healing. We've never rage quit a fight before, usually we take it as a challenge to be conquered. (we laughed as our five man party got slaughtered down to two during the mordremoth fight and kept going.) we are quite capable players....but this... this fight is beyond broken. either extend the length the break bar is available to give a caster a chance to actually /use/ their skills, or nerf it's jumped from 60% to full in one gulp. that's ...disheartening to anyone who's struggled to get any damage at all on it.

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    As a Mirage I found Balthazar so much easier than this one... it was terrible...

    I just wanted to share what worked for me, to all other poor Mesmers out there who are also struggling (this worked for me solo):

    • Get out of combat if you are (run really far away, he won't chase you).
    • Open your Hero panel (you can't open inventory but you can open this), and trait for a Chronomancer (which weapons you use don't matter too much, I used greatsword).
    • Select the Wells of Calamity, Recall and Action. Take Gravity Well for elite.
    • Aggro the guy and pull him to Joko's prison, as suggested by other people - he will be trapped behind the chains (there's videos out there showing the position).
    • Stand at max range on other side of prison. Once he hits 20 percent health he may fear you so don't stand too close.
    • Constantly use your Wells on him on cooldown. I had greatsword equipped so I used skill 3 on cooldown too. DON'T SUMMON ANY ILLUSIONS. Only use your Wells or any AOE skills on your weapons. I was obstructed for Spatial Surge so I didn't bother, I think only AOEs work in this scenario.
    • This whole process took me about 15 minutes to complete the boss. It's pretty risk-free so highly recommend :)