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Lunatic Inquisition outside map areas

Is it possible to hotfix this by adding a few more invis walls to the labyrinth? Or have players killed if they leave the main area? In so many games villagers go there and it's quite boring. Yes I know how to get there, but it shouldn't be accessible.


  • like this. Some started to abuse of this bug (mabye ?).

  • Kiza.5630Kiza.5630 Member ✭✭✭

    Yeah exactly this area and the plateau around there. It's getting kinda old that half of the villagers hide there. Most of all since as courtier you are stuck in there until end of match if you jump in to kill them.

    I really hope this can be hotfixed with an invisible wall that prevents one from getting onto the lab walls. Better yet, teleport them out of the instance/game if they try. :p

  • Uon.7491Uon.7491 Member ✭✭
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    Ugh, I lost my temper in Lunatic Inquisition due to those who are adamant about utilising this exploit. Most people want to play a FUN and FAIR game, and then there are those who want to "win" no matter what. I've absolutely no patience for those who ruin the fun for the majority for their own selfish reasons.


    Anyway, yes, the map exploit skews the game in favour of the villagers for when they drop down that gap, they cannot be killed. Once enough of them are down there it's a guaranteed win for villagers every time.

  • Kiza.5630Kiza.5630 Member ✭✭✭

    It kinda escapes me as to why. Can't be for 5 ToT bags per 5 minutes. For the lulz and trolling? Maybe. Hopefully it gets old soon or fixed. You can get there and kill them though. Just make sure you only jump into the hole after all others in the area are dead. :D

  • There is more and more abuse of this bug for ToT bags. This post need more view and it should be fixed ASAP. Here are a vids that show how it's done, hope it will help to get fixed. Plus, there is a hole on the 1st part of the vid, if you want to kill a dude stuck in this hole, you will have to block yourself and get stuck beside him and can't play at all.

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    I'm pretty sure it's possible to kill the people stuck inside the hole without jumping down by using one of the "Mad King Says..." commands and then fearing them before they can complete it, repeating if needed.

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    That's not even the only way to get up there.

    It takes quite a while to kill them with mad king says. Plus there are often like half of the villagers there. And not exactly a fun way to play.

  • Sadly the use of exploits in this game (specifically in the plateau area) is rampant. Although I don't see reaching the plateau itself as an exploit, there are several players going to the out-of-bounds area which causes all skills to "glitch out" rendering villagers invulnerable. Other players are hiding down in the hole, where the only way a ghost can kill them is to jump in themselves, which leaves them stuck there for the rest of the match. There's also a structure in the plateau area villagers can easily access that the ghosts cannot short of making a PERFECT jump. And then to make matters worse there's actually a player glitching through walls in the walled-off areas just outside the center of the map, although this is likely a hack as the player then teleported to a different area when the ghosts started calling them a cheater in Map chat.

    All in all if this is how the game is going to be played moving forward, please remove it entirely. It makes me quite sad to say this, as this was by far my favorite part of the Mad King Festival year after year, but when the cheaters are ruling the roost, it's time to burn it down.

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  • There really needs to be a hotfix for this. Lunatic Inquisition is my favorite Halloween minigame and it's just no fun at all with cheaters.

  • Uon.7491Uon.7491 Member ✭✭

    Resurrecting this thread as there has been no official response at this time. I recommend that anybody who is fed up with exploiters ruining the game, please record the exploits/exploiters and submit a support ticket. Maybe if there are enough tickets covering this issue, ArenaNet will pay attention and do something.

    I've lost all enjoyment for the Lunatic Inquisition due to those who are adamant about ruining the game for everybody else. They've the audacity to abuse others once they are called out, then proceed to disrupt the game as much as possible. It's tiring, and the contrast of fun particularly when you are stuck as a courtier.

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