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Achievement - The Demolisher

I did much events in Silverwastes, Indigo Cave.
World boss aka rare boss nothing spawn.

How? I need get mastey point


  • Slay the Legendary Mordrem Demolisher. Appears rarely around Indigo Cave when controlled by the Pact.

  • I'm unsure if it spawns between mordrem attacks or during one, but remember that with the increased damage output from players the legendaries do not live long.

    Get the fort upgraded (higher level fortifications increases spawn chance) and camp that fort! You probably won't have time to get there from elsewhere on the map if someone calls out that it's spawned!

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    Just rng mate.

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    Legendary Mordrem have a small chance to appear at any occupied fort during the defense phase of that fort in the Silverwastes. Chance drastically increases the higher the tier that fort is. I advise patience and possibly looking at the LFG tool under Silverwastes for RIBA (Red, Indigo, Blue, Amber) trains, which most likely keeps the forts alive. The chances of getting your mordy will be slightly higher there.

    But still, I advise patience. One day it will spawn -- don't forget to ping map chat if it does!

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