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Instrument's octave switch delay

This is Sora Vanitas from Musicians Guild of Tyria
I'd like to let you know that many of the music communities are having this issue with octave switch where we can't do octave switch notes quickly. Yet, we have to double click it to have an access from middle octave to high octave, and it needs to be spammed from low octave to high octave, and we can't switch it a lot. Can you return the octave switch back like before the September patches? Is it possible? If so, please do so. We as musician community need this.

At the same time, we need new instruments to play such as Violin, Cello, Electric guitar, or Piano.
Also, is it possible to make the tune of Flute and Horn to be the same as Harp, Lute and Magnanimous Bell? Please do so if it is possible.

That's all for now, thank you!
We musician community would love your help in this as it is help to ease people's heart.



  • Scitna from Musicians Guild of Tyria. I second this post. I mainly log on just to play the instruments and nothing else. I also know that I'm not the only one who does this. For my main source of enjoyment from GW2 to be hindered to this degree for this long is quite disappointing. To any devs reading this, please do something about this issue.

  • Luna here, from Musician's Guild of Tyria [MGT] A few months ago this wasn't an issue, it was easy to play the harp in game with the octave switches. I love making songs using the GW2 instruments, it's hard to enjoy something you love when you get frustrated over this lagging octave switch issue. Macro players have also made comments of how the music they create doesn't properly switch or lags out when before it played just fine.

    A lot of us appreciate the instruments that are in game, and it's a lot to ask for more instruments, but it would be wonderful to have more variety like we've seen with the legendary instrument additions! The violin or adjustments to previous instruments would be really nice! Lute is usually very quiet and gets overpowered by other instruments, and while flute is pretty it doesn't match well with the other key of the majority of the instruments. Thank you for the consideration and time to read this.

  • Tiny Taimi here from [TINY] I too miss being able to play my new shiny Minstrel harp :anguished:

  • i would like to say that i agree wih the others about the octave switch delaying

  • My greatest enjoyment in this wonderful game is to listen and support our wonderful ingame Bards and i have bought many POF and HOT codes and instruments for players that show interest in creating ingame music including a handful of Minstrel Harps but to see them log out in frustration is really sad, PLZ PLZ PLZ fix this Arenanet. P.S Can you "donate" a dedicated Music Hall for the musicians? (Quite a lot of empty buildings in Salma *WINK WINK) Something they can control and can "kick" out the trumpet spammers. And maybe "Music Hall" could have ALL ingame instruments to "try before you buy"? Probably not possible but just my thoughts. JB

  • Oatiques.1407Oatiques.1407 Member
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    Lovely Sushi is also here, from Musician's Guild of Tyria [MGT]. Many of us put this very simple part of the game, playing music obviously, even on top of doing contents. When the issue firstly happened, many of us sent tickets to support team which we were answered "issue spotted". Sadly, it has been a while and we're still struggling on this. Not going to talk about new stuffs, I don't really mind if more instrument to be added or not, I'm here waiting for the fix to fly. It has been a while, a long one, since the last time I see people gather around listen to music, right in the heart of Divinity's Reach...

    Not being able to switch octaves like before, atleast for me, it makes big majority of the songs in our collection unplayable. Even some simple songs we used to teach new musician, are already hard enough to play it properly.

  • Hey devs, this is Ceri from MGT and I’d like to chime in. This issue has affected me and many others since September now and a fix would really be great.

    As someone who used to spend time playing (and now still tries, even if it sounds off) , this is quite the debilitating issue. This, on top of my terrible ping makes me feel like I should stop altogether as it is impossible to play as smoothly as I used to. I know that many musicians have stopped logging on because of this. We have built a stellar community around these in-game instruments, teaching people to play, playing together and even organising concerts for all to get together and listen — I’d be really sad to see all of this go.

  • There been many times where I sit and listen to players, Play. I'm a member of {TINY}, {TBC], [GGB] and [EXIT]. They all have at least one person that can play. So help the bards out.

  • Coming back after the changes I thought I was crazy at first haha! The way it is now is bearable, but please it's not nearly as satisfying as previously, where you could smoothly complete the jumps :( ANET pls

  • Tiviana.2650Tiviana.2650 Member ✭✭✭

    Can we please get a fix for this bug. I am new to GW2 and listening to players play music has been one of the best things ever in a game. But they are struggling because of this bug. Music is wonderful, please fix so we can hear the full range.

  • I'd bet that instrument functionality code piggybacks on some of the code from weapon functionality, and they must've changed delay timer between weapon swap and key press. And since the original code from instruments was probably created in the early gw2 development, it's possible that the person/persons who coded them no longer work at arenanet. And since programmers have a tendency to make messy code (which sometimes they do on purpose to tie themselves to that section of code so that if a company fires them, they essentially wouldn't be able to easily adjust that code without the original programmer), it's possible they don't know a way to detach instrument functionality from weapon functionality.

  • Yes, few people from Audio developers has left Anet :( hoping the new ones would look this through to be honest

  • Ima Mes of [TINY] guild here. Adding to what others have said in this thread, playing music (I have all instruments) was a major source of enjoyment for me. I would even play out in the middle of nowhere with no one around, just to enjoy playing, practicing manually, and tweaking macros. It would be wonderful if devs could just push this bug a [TINY] bit up the priority ladder as I almost never play any more. Spent a lot of monies on the instruments and they are just gathering pixel dust.

  • Several of my guild members [LAME] are bards first and foremost and playing music brings them the most happiness in Guild Wars 2. Please fix the octave issue as fast as possible so the people who receive the most enjoyment from the game playing instruments can do so again. This bug affects a big part of the heart of our community, the joy of music all across Tyria.

  • I am Tink The Terror of [TINY] I second this post by Sora Vanitas, please help out the musicians. Ty

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    It's rather frustrating when you are playing fast/complex songs with a lot of octave switches. I do sincerely hope the development team will look into fixing this asap. as it is hampering the enjoyment I have as a major focus of my time spent in the game. I'm obviously not the only one.

    Seafarer's Rest | Enryon | Mistwarden [Hero]

  • Devs, PLEASE please please fix this! I've been working on several macro music projects for a while, and my work is completely worthless now. I still enjoy playing by hand, but because the octave switch is unreliable it gets really frustrating. I'm really saddened by the dwindling number of musicians out and about.

  • Instruments are definitely not working like they used to, hopefully someone from ANET can address this.

  • This is definitely on-going. It's been months and recent events make it seem even less likely these gem-sinks will ever be fixed.

  • Zakuchi.8120Zakuchi.8120 Member ✭✭

    any news on this? any response from the DEVS ? or are we forgotten for good ?

  • MUDse.7623MUDse.7623 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Zakuchi.8120 said:
    any news on this? any response from the DEVS ? or are we forgotten for good ?

    no news to my knowlege, i just hope for a suprise .abc file support so we dont have to use macros for too complex pieces :3

    read this, become a better player now.

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