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Hello Everyone,

I am a returning player after 5 years of being MIA from it, and I need a little brain fresh on the dungeon system.
Bought the two expansions; " Heart of Thorn and Path of Fire ", SO very excited to proceed within the game again.

Anyways for the Dungeons you can do each dungeon three times correct? Or are you limited to so many per day?
If there is anything else I should know about dungeons please leave a comment, each advise and information will be appreciated.

Amanda Lockhart


  • melandru.3876melandru.3876 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 29, 2019

    you can do dungeons as many times as you want, but only the first time will get you the full reward. any clear after that will be less. this "full reward" resets on the next daily.


    "Explorable mode gives a standard reward of dungeon currency, coin, and experience at the completion of a dungeon path as well as a bonus chest for the first completion of any given path each day per account. The standard reward gives 20 pieces of the respective currency, silver, experience and karma. Subsequent runs give 15 and 10 dungeon currencies respectively. Completing one path does not affect the reward from other paths. The bonus chest contains 80 dungeon currencies and a specific amount of coin, ranging from 35 Silver coin to 1 Gold coin 55 Silver coin, depending on path difficulty and length. ===> Completing the same path again with the same or a different character will only give the standard reward." <===

  • Amy.6427Amy.6427 Member ✭✭

    Awesome, Thank You! melandru.3876
    I definitely will use that Wiki, wasn't to sure how accurate it was due to the other expansions. Then again its been 5 years, what do I know! ha ha

  • Gulbasaur.1865Gulbasaur.1865 Member ✭✭✭

    There are also fractals, which are basically Dungeons 2.0. They're based out of Lion's Arch and are absolutely worth looking at.

  • Skotlex.7580Skotlex.7580 Member ✭✭✭✭

    it should be noted that dungeons are "legacy" content, no longer updated nor improved. People don't run them for farming anymore (you can still find people through the lfg, even though it may take up to 10~15 minutes for a full party on primetime, depending on path).

    As noted above, fractals is the bread and butter for daily 5-man instanced content.

    5 years ago there wasn't anything else to do for level 80s, dungeons were the only "endgame" activity, nowadays I'd say there are three: fractals, raids (10 man content) and open world metas (check /wiki timer for the schedule).

  • Dungeons is a pretty dead game mode , people still using it only to craft leg and used by guild to gear new player faster

  • melandru.3876melandru.3876 Member ✭✭✭✭

    don't listen to the above guy, dungeons are still active just not what they used to be
    groups still fill up fast, onlt twilight arbor and arah can take a bit longer as those 2 are generally"harder" (longer would be more accurate)

    what has changed is, that they no longer get "farmed".

    also an issue is people are shy(or uncomfortable) with setting up a lfg themselves, so they wait till someone else does it. then u look at the dungeon port and you see 10-15 men standing there waiting for groups to be formed

    some people are just odd.

  • voltaicbore.8012voltaicbore.8012 Member ✭✭✭

    While melandru (and the wiki) are absolutely right about diminishing returns for repeating the same dungeon within the same day, just wanted to note that the Dungeon Frequenter achievement is repeatable as many times per day as you want. If you can get 8 dungeon paths done fast enough, the resources you get from repeating Frequenter aren't terrible, but it's one of the least efficient ways to make money if you're just going to pug dungeons.

  • lare.5129lare.5129 Member ✭✭✭✭

    each path in each dungeon once per day give additional reward.
    arah - still to heavy for most parties
    TA 80 is not easy too.
    Other is a perfect content for 5 players.

    For example I was start from AC(Ascalon) 123 paths to get 6x Monk runa to my heal thief

  • Amy.6427Amy.6427 Member ✭✭

    Thank you all for your insight on Dungeons and the extra information. Very much appreciated!