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  1. Its actually the same service if you think about it 🙂 imagine an item in gemstore called "Raid Pass" that you could buy for 900gems and it allows you to pick 3 skins from raids of your choosing no one will complain because Credit card out and since its Anet pocket is legal. Lets turn the situation now, you buy the same token from exterior source same cost same item, but then you get banned for not buying it from Anet. Is that really a justification of why it is illegal? The truth is no, all they care is about money and their pocket.
  2. It is illegal to buy gold with real life money , unless you buy it in a format called gems from the "oficial store" then it magically becomes legal with a single click of your mouse. It is legal to buy raid clears /runs /services with gold that was gems a minute ago and real life money 5 minutes ago. But its not legal to buy a raid clear with real life money. Its basically the loop of every MMO game "how do I avoid the bullet and get everything?".
  3. But you already have the skin, you only need to play GW1 ANET does not need to put it again, Khanur(4 blades+jewels) is a total rework its not even remotely close to Centurion Claw (2 blades no jewel, ugliest hilt ever).
  4. Sohothin's hilt is slightly different than Fiery dragon sword but overall they look pretty much the same . You want it you play GW1 it's been part of the legacy reward for years.
  5. Most likely we'll see the magic phrase ""Catalyst is in the spot we want it to be"" Which is the trash can
  6. Just why? It even goes to 0% once you recall the Jade Sphere.... along with a long CD Also what is the point of the whole spec......... Tempest: You overload your attunement causing X effect , cool. Weaver: Versatile , hard to master , makes you complain all day and yet you will still love it. And from a fantasy perspective it just looks brutal you're elegant swordman that uses elements. Catalyst: You turn on the sphere light and then you spin around it with your pretty lights and a slow-motion hammer? But then lights go out and you're useless
  7. FAVORS Ranged - Elemental Magic - Versatile Caster. One of them is a lie
  8. People still play original GW 1 , and here we are debating if GW 2 is dead? 😁
  9. I have been playing for 3 months as I said in first post no I dont have a lot of experience but you dont need a doctorate to realize that a class is much stronger than others , With necro you can reach high level of HP with no big loss on dps, also it was never a QQ post just an opinion. Your missinterpretation makes a very ill-oppinion❤️
  10. Hello! First of all this is not a "nerf class post". But at some point we need to all sit down and discuss the situation with realism. I returned to GW2 about 3 months ago I had a thief back in the day(7 years ago) and decided to try level up different classes from 0 to 80. First I leveled up a downmentalist and went for Weaver spec after walking through fire stone pebbles I learned the combo's muscular memory and how to evade/mitigate damage, Let me say this straight up right. Elementalist is not a terrible class, but It barely makes it into decent class. Stop using s
  11. How can people defend necro and guardian being top classes for years? I think we should rework the game
  12. I never was one to enjoy big populated capitals such as LA only go there for fractals and 2 more things, Ebonhawke best city
  13. Hii , I have been playing weaver(damage)/tempest (healer) since I returned to game a month ago and ele has become my fav class to play by far. My next opinion goes only for PvE tough. Dagger off-hand is really bad. Out of 8 skills only 1 provides you with CC (4 Earth) + You need to be almost at meele range miss that skill, and you're out of CC , the other 7 skills are not even worth mentioning in terms of utility or damage. Focus: You have a 3 sec stun ( Air 5), and a 2 sec daze (Water 5) both of these have very good range and are more than enough to break
  14. Thank you all for the help , I have been upgrading/looking for build and even got the bunny mount, I have been doing great since taking these tips. I was really overwhelmed at first but I am having quite a blast now 😄 thanks again everyone!
  15. Hii I am a returning player to GW2 , have not played since release and used to play GW 1 a lot back in the day. I am trying really hard to like GW2 but...... Its so far away from what I remember and lacks so many information about many things......Please I need help the joy is turning into desinterest, Let me put some examples -I am currently doing Path of Fire story (Tried HoT , way too hard), I am in second map but cannot progress story since I need a different mount that jumps stuff instead of Sprint raptor, nothing tells me where to go, every green marker is out of reach , I ge
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