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  1. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKwAMx7lNwAZiMMWJW2OVreA-zVQYrSITFMBXKJUAhFC1lA5GBuNLF5pB-w Summary: Hybrid using sword/board and longbow. Armor and weapons are Carrion, with accessories being Valkyrie. Runes are Rage for Fury uptime, sigils are (for sword/board) Torment and Celerity. Longbow uses Smoldering and Fire. Defiant Stance and Adrenal Health keep that massive Health pool up. Shield Bash + Flurry with Quickness melts pretty good. With so many strikes (Flurry hits 11 times in 2 seconds, Fan of Fire shoots 3 piercing arrows, C
  2. It's like Anet took all the discarded ideas from the other elite specs, and dumped them all on Warrior. I'm baffled.
  3. Go to a black lion merchant (the trading post), and search specifically for level 80 exotic armor and weapons. Sort by cost, cheapest to most expensive. You'll find some surprisingly affordable armor and weapons. I have a core condi warrior running Settler's gear and Runes of the Undead that can tank mobs with confidence. Takes a little longer to kill enemies, of course, but going full glass in HoT is rarely recommended. You can also experiment with Carrion gear (Condition damage/vitality/power) and others that provide more survivability. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the inspiration. I've been looking for fun core builds.
  5. Thanks guys. I ask because few months ago I saw someone in-game who was advertising their thief-only guild, and I was hoping to find that guild - or a similar one - here (can't remember what it was called). Just seemed like a really fun idea. Maybe I'll try the professions forum, as suggested.
  6. I'm a thoroughly average open world PvE and WvW veteran, looking for any active guilds that are thief-focused. Tried googling but didn't find much. Thank you in advance, and be well.
  7. I like to run sword/X/Longbow builds in general, I'm looking for any such builds you've used in WvW and enjoyed. Builds that use other weapons in the 2nd slot (sword/sword/hammer, etc.) are cool too, as long as the focus is a condi or Celestial type of build. My goal is to contribute decent damage and possibly support in group fights, and also hold my own in 1v1s.
  8. Ok, I didn't realize I needed a certain amount of fractal experience/levels to access different fractals. That explains it. I guess I'll start some lfg's with other newbies and start grinding.
  9. I'm trying to choose Cliffside in the menu, but it's stuck on Volcanic. I can't choose a different one, evidently. What am I missing? I just need to do a few of these for my precursor, but right off the bat I'm lost lol.
  10. Geographical location: USA, Washington State Anet screwing the pooch on this. The game is not only unplayable for long periods of time, but it boofs my entire machine until I force quit the app. Been going on for awhile. Keep your gems, I'll keep my cash. Also, eff all you people telling me the problem is on my side. GW2 is the only thing with new problems.
  11. I did 100% map completion with a short bow ranger using Devourer pets. As long as you let the pet land the first attack, you're basically invisible. Flank until enemies are dead. Devourer also has that reverse tunneling escape, making it invulnerable for about 3 seconds. Enemies will chase it like candy.
  12. The Boot Camp report:Installed Boot Camp yesterday, using a Windows 10 Home ISO. Difference is night and day. On the Mac side of the partition it's a slide show, even with everything on the lowest possible graphics settings.On the Windows side of the partition, it's smooth as butter with everything on medium and almost everything turned on. So, yeah.
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