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  1. I think what people are trying to say is that what you are saying isn't just "not infallible", but in fact, very, very fallible. Also, the commander's "like a grown child to a parent" remark strikes more as a narrative setup for Livia's follow-up line: "Livia: The Shining Blade is my family. I hope this secret is safe with you—for their sake." It's just a little wordplay to tell us how the Shining Blade is a found family (which, by the way, is one of the most popular tropes in entertainment literature, especially recently). Blood relation, even if there was any, would be completely ir
  2. Engineer has a permanent orange spark effect on its right arm if Explosives are traited, Revenant has a constant glow arounds its arms based on the active legend, and if the elite signets of Warrior and Guardian are slotted, they both have constant visual effects. Doubt Anet will make an effort to get rid of these (at least out of combat), constant Aegis included.
  3. It'd be perfectly fine if the jade wasn't so obnoxiously super green. In GW1 it had a softer shade and I'd prefer that, or something inbetween.
  4. Can you provide a screenshot with the skills available to you on your utility skill bar? Just click one of the slots and show what is there to select from.
  5. It seems to me you already have Signet of Midnight unlocked. Did you consider clicking one of the slots on your utility skill bar to check if you can equip the skill? Signet of Midnight also only costs 4 skill points. The reason you can't learn Signet of Humility, however, is that you aren't level 30 yet.
  6. Willbender is straight-up worse than core guard. You forgot to add that. What you describe as mobility gain is actually clunky animations and more animation locks.
  7. The dual wield / dual attack mechanic is an idea I have been suggesting (and it has sort of become my mantra across 3 discord servers and these forums lmao), and I like how you came up with more concrete stuff for them. I endorse this. 🙂
  8. Yeah, the flaws of being... toxic and manipulative. And I am not ignoring anything conveniently. The Parables of the Gods also paints Balthazar as a vengeful god, where the wording implies that he uses the concepts of honor and courage as a mere excuse for brutality and cruelty. What he does to that soul is effectively eat and destroy it, and we know for fact that the gods can consume souls for magical power (Dhuum?). Flaws of a god are telling, and Blathazar was already a manipulative figure long before the events of PoF. The Kaolai story then speaks of a long-forgotten breach of etiquett
  9. I mean if you are excusing the Charr going into Orr and Kryta on Abaddon commanding them, there is nothing that says you can't excuse the early humans engaging in wars because Balthazar commanded them - which indeed seems to be true. Saying they are blindly devoted to the gods who had relatively recently brought them to Tyria as far as we know and still engaged in their daily lives, is not a stretch. This doesn't put them on par with the margonites who were exclusively blindly following Abaddon. The other humans were likely extremely devote too, especially if they followed Balthazar to war.
  10. 1) I was speaking of Ascalonian humans, and there is a difference between casualty throughout wars and an actual active genocide effort. The Charr did try to erase the humans during the Searing and after, entirely, otherwise they wouldn't have moved on to conquer Kryta and Orr afterwards. Plus in modern times, at least 10 years ago, they were convinced the Skritt should be exterminated despite knowing they were a sapient race. 2) My wording didn't imply anything about the Mongolian Empire, though to dismiss them as "just another empire while every empire is genocidal to a degree" is likewi
  11. Has nothing to do with "2021 perspective." You can objectively verify that the Charr have a much larger kill count than Ascalonians, and that elements of their culture incur physiological and psychological (and often fatal) damage on their enemies and their own people at a much, much, higher frequency than Ascalonians'. You can argue about the morality of being destructive to the self and to the environment, so let us take a look at how their actions impacted the world without passing any moral judgment: Every time they dabbled with forces beyond their understanding out of sheer ambition an
  12. Kryta got completely white-washed in GW2, if you haven't noticed. 😛 The vast majority of Krytans are white, so somehow, between GW1 and GW2, the white genes of the very tiny Ascalonian refugee population managed to override the brown/black genes of Krytans. Quite odd, and I'd say insulting. The funny part is that Queen Jennah is still described as looking Krytan, yet somehow the majority of the NPCs we see are white.
  13. For start? The Charr hadn't lived in those lands originally. The Grawl had before them, and the High Legions systematically pushed them out as part of a war campaign. The Charr were notorious conquerors who thought of every other race as inferior, and this mentality lived on for over a millenia - not only that, they were responsible for a massive genocide as well, of which humans, for example, clearly were not. When they humans drove out the Charr from Ascalon around 100 BC, they weren't without the guilt of war and bloodshed, but objectively speaking, they were taking land from a feral race t
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