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  1. Tbh, the lack of Mordremoth's name was addressed but I'm not sure if this was done now during Living World Return, or if it was done earlier - one of Scarlet's journals we find in Dry Top during the story now has an additional scribbled line referencing the name Mordremoth. It's not much, but at least it's something...
  2. I believe that the 'feedback loop' was also acquired from Kralkatorrik, namely, the fact that he and all his creations shared a common resonance - which was Kralkatorrik's weakness. Primordus after absorbing part of Kralk's magical spectrum turned it into an asset of his, since his weakness was his twin's magical spectrum. As far as the Frozen are concerned, Jormag themselves did not create them, but rather it was Svanir shaman's (possibly imbued by Jormag's magic - I do think that magic was additionally amped up with the Crystal spectrum which would explain the Frozen's resilience to Dest
  3. Seeing the obvious popularity of the Metal Legion, are you planning to introduce more songs into their repertoire over time to evolve the band?
  4. Ok, some more questions from me, although they might not be answered due to their nature - I'm gonna give it a shot anyway. Isles of Janthir - why did Caudecus Beetlestone go there before the events from "Head of the Snake" chapter? It was mentioned in passing by Canach, however nothing more came about it. Also, now that the Mursaat and White Mantle are no more and the Eye of Janthir disintegrated itself, is there any reason to visit this place? It seems pretty odd to me, that the Priory never attempted to send at least a squad to dig for some artifacts, or that the Shining Blade haven't secur
  5. In the fight against Kralkatorrik's Torment, we're fighting the manifestations of foreign magic inside him. Manifestation of Balthazar is named Facet of Fire and War, Zhaitan's is called Facet of Death and Shadow, however Mordremoth's manifestation (whose domains were called Plants and Mind in Living World Season 2) is called 'Facet of Roots and Madness'. Is there any bigger significance behind this change in naming, or is it simply an oversight/retcon? It would have actually interesting implications if Mordremoth's mind magic magnified Kralkatorrik's insanity to the point of developing split
  6. This stuff is as rare from the boxes as from its normal drop - guildie of mine dropped 3000 boxes to get a one single zephyrite rune and the rest were materials and tokens.
  7. I wonder if it has to be a draconic replacement. Maybe a properly tweaked Bloodstone could fill the role? That would make it definitely easier...
  8. In "One Path Ends" in LS3 the books at Shining Blade facility point to another individual, that might fill the role of 'E' - the previous master exemplar, Eive, who stepped down from the position but said that she'll still have her eyes on Kryta (quote not 100% accurate, couldn't fin it on Wiki).
  9. Joko going full idiot and attempting to destroy Kralkatorrik (as a threat to his kingdom), only to get Branded without any second thought by the dragon is a possible scenario, but for the lich we are a more pressing threat atm. However I can't rule out the scenario, that Kralkatorrik suddenly appears after recovering from his near-death experience at the hands of Balthazar and creates another Branded area, killing Joko and decimating his armies on our eyes (ArenaNet has a knack for dramatic effects and scenes like this, not that it's a bad thing, btw.). As for dealing with liches... a popular
  10. Joko was always like that; we just haven't seen this part of his character fleshed well enough in GW2 yet. As for the Roller Beetles, and the magitech saddle we have, I can bet my ass we'll get the ability to ride them and have the saddle constructed thanks to our new resident entomologist and bug lover, Gorrik. Nice way to flesh out his character and usefulness a bit.
  11. Never looked at it this way, but in-game this is not explored further (which is kind of a pity, if you ask me - could have at least been acknowledged in ambient dialogue between the Mordrem). Also I didn't notice that these two Branded were firing at the same position. Although now that I think of it, it's not exactly the minions that command the spectrae of magic, but the Dragons themselves. I wonder if Kralkatorrik would be able to try and take control over Aurene herself, even despite her being Glint's offspring - now he's got more in common with her due to both her and him absorbing fragm
  12. In "Bug in the System" a piece of info from Inquest strongly points that the nature of Mordremoth's minions was that of a hivemind, which would make it hard to have different personalities.
  13. Clinging to a hope we'll see Islands of Janthir one day (my dream on fully mapping Ring of Fire in GW 2 are almost complete, waiting just for the last island, where the Door of Komalie is, to make a return).
  14. Ok, I posted once a similar list somewhere on facebook, but here's why the probability of getting a new race is close to zero. This would require: Using old tech to make it possible to play Personal Story in the way it is played by other characters (this in order to not bug the Journal in any way, it can't be skipped as ending the PS is a trigger to unlocking the recap of Scarlet War and then Season 2). That would mean creating many of these old off static cutscenes, etc, etc. I don't even know if their engine is still viable to do that. Not much place to reasonably give Tengu any starting are
  15. It's somewhere in the Itzel village in Verdant Brink, I think near the waypoint.
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