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  1. I don't personally feel people use gw2efficeny for that, but perhaps I am an outlier. I don't think you actually understand what this website is used for. Or why people even use it. However that does not explain why the player census (done on the subreddit) matches these results. What does efficiency have to do with deciding to play a class. And you're also making the assumption that everyone who signs up to this website does so the minute they started playing this game. What do they join this website realize being a thief is inefficient and then delete their thief? T
  2. Did you fail statistics or are you still in high school and haven't reached it yet? While it's true that smaller sample sizes result in sampling errors when trying to figure the true percentage (think 10 coin flips and you get 6 heads and 4 tails. That doesn't mean heads is 60% chance) gw2efficeny is our best source of data of people who are *actually* playing this game (you can check achievement statistics too. 144k people have finished the first chapter of icebrood saga which is 150k players who've logged in, in the last 2 years thats not the actual population playing game, but
  3. Completely agree with this. Thief main here (about 3000 hours) made a set of nomads gear with speed runes back in 2016 and its served me well ever since for doing specifically this. The people who say they can't catch a deadeye even with the deadeye being marked are just incompetent. I run nomads deadeye with trickery, SA, and deadeye (the stealth trio) if I get caught in a marked and in combat I'm pretty kittened. Sometimes I'll survive if the player is bad enough or if I can pull off some quality kitten (namely abusing shortbow teleports in hills or shadow portal). Bu
  4. Disagree there, I view chrono same way I view staff dare. Great for small scale fights (15v15~) not so great for large scale fights. Better off just having more scourges unless you really need more than 1-2 veil/ports. I will concede the CC though, its excellent for catching groups unprepared.
  5. Yeah I can agree to that, boonmancer was the only year mesmer was ever useful beyond being a veil bot or port monkey. I suppose also res bot but think I've made how I feel about downstate clear lol. This meta has a whole host of problems and balance issues in general but I do think the bunker builds, and ridiculous support builds are some of the primary.
  6. Its why I said back during "pre HoT" I didn't forget boonmancer though I'd arguably say that meta was less irritating than this one because at least it didn't have firebrand and scourge. Group comps isn't whats killing WvW. Whats killing WvW is how this game's PvP is designed which has been a problem since release and has never truly been addressed. Bunker metas aren't fun. They aren't fun in PvP, they're not fun in WvW.
  7. I know y'all like to play this game with as few braincells as possible, but support classes and this bunker boon ball pirate ship meta is the kitten that is killing WvW. (among other things) And this isn't to say I don't feel bad for support players not getting loot. I do, but this meta is just awful and if retal getting removed means the meta is going change or we have less ministrel retal bots per zerg then I'm all for it. Not to be the "baaaaaaaack in my day" guy of the thread but back during pre HoT you didn't have dedicated support players, it wasn't a feasible idea then. The
  8. Do you mean WvW rank 50? That is extremely low that's like telling someone "yeah I play PvE, my mastery level is 15" I went up 30 WvW ranks tonight alone by playing for 4 hours... granted, its a WvW boosted week but even without the boosters I go up that much in a single week without even trying that hard. You must not of played many MMO's if you think GW2 is a grindfest, GW1 was more of a grindfest than GW2 some of the titles (achievements) in that game require hundreds of hours of grinding per every character you want it on. Legendaries are suppose to be challenging
  9. Event is still bugged as of October 27th 2020 I have been trying to get this event to spawn for days until I realized that its just bugged out completly. Legendary Trinket vision cannot be completed due to this severe bug.
  10. You'd be surprised, it's the thrill of chase that makes it interesting. 2-5+ people all searching every corner of keep with reveal skills trying to find you while you carefully walk around and take note of where stealth traps are being placed. It does get boring sometimes being a solo thief doing this which is why I will call in a friend or 2 to come help me more interested and call pull off crazy stuff. The best method to deal with me is to just ignore the fact I'm in there, I'll get bored and start doing stupid stuff like killing vet guards, destroying siege, or ambusing people using the gat
  11. Hey there, so if you've ever fought against NSP before you've probably seen or experienced me before, I'm the dumbass [sA] thief who's either hiding in your keeps, or is running around like a lunatic with daredevil abusing evade mechanics with full nomads gear of speed. Abusing permastealth mechanics has always been one of my favorite parts about thief, back in 2012-2013 I use to run 2 accounts 1 mesmer account with portal which I would let die inside a tower or keep, and then my main thief would hide, back then you could stay dead permanently so I would just revive my mesmer and port zergs i
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