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  1. Well, it's not weaver's fate to have fun, though i always like, how they rush to fix something enjoyable, while obviosly destructive bugs can stay in game for months, like this one upon dimounting / gliding ending: https://imgur.com/a/8c11tSx More to the topic, being able to spam barrier did not cover main ele's weakness - CC, barrier falls off quiet fast and there were no options to spam it while CCd, thus weaver still was killable, but got temporary ability to deliver these absurd close range sword skills to enemy who spam aoes under his feet.
  2. Now 'Elemental Refreshment' procs on every skill activation (even on dismount), thus i have barrier spikes up to 10k, without Stone Resonance nor Rune of Sanctuary. Thank you Anet! We all were wrong, blaming you for no love to ele! (Hope it will be fixed soon, feeling guilty for players, who cannot do any damage to me)
  3. Elementalist is my favorite class, but somehow i have almost zero interest in incoming e-spec. Gameplay-wise, what i miss, is good semi-ranged weapon: mostly i'm playing WvW as weaver with sword and once target starting to run away, i barely have a chance to properly land a hit on it. While dagger and scepeter provide range options, these weapons feel so much worse in terms of both offense and defence: i loose almost all mobility with scepeter, dagger's dashes with cast times make it too clunky (staff's skills are unable to hit nonstationary single target, thus i don't mention it at all).
  4. It is either troll or too simple minded post. Everything author states is already implemented in "Stronghold" spvp mode. WvW is attractive exactly due to variety of builds, teams and landscapes, it provides.
  5. Hello. I'm playing for almost two years, mostly WvW, yet i have not found any counterplay for enemy thieves sitting in towers, aside of bringing entire blob to smoke them out. If i'm just missing that, please enlighten me, otherwise, i propose two suggestions: - make shields siege periodically reveal stealthed enemies around in short radius (240p); - make warclaw's "Sniff" ability to mark stealthed enemies as well. Unfortunately stealth/teleport mechanic became too out of hand: even if you find thief you probably won't outrun them. Moreover if they wear ministre
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