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  1. So at least one other person sat through Antichrist, I gather? Whew... I actually watched that and Dogtooth as a double feature one weekend. I haven't been right in the head since. :#
  2. It was the same when you could no longer cap while mounted. If only those guys could have heard me laughing...
  3. Ahhh you're making me wish so bad that I had time to play! :'(
  4. Ok on my ipad right now before work. Brave Browser. Every forum page was coming up blank, not just the login. I played with settings. Turning off “Fingerprinting Protection” brought en-forum.guildwars2.com back to full functionality. Turning it back on gave me blank pages again. Hope that Info somehow helps get This resolved.
  5. Same happened to me at work last week.(Chrome) Might have been an IT policy change but there's no way for me to know. Works at home and on my phone with firefox
  6. My proposed Gift of Exploration Reward Track would unlock hearts, the same way books of heroics unlock hero points. Full completion of the repeatable track would unlock 60 random hearts for that toon. I think 5 reward tracks for doing something you enjoy is a fair tradeoff. With the godforsaken hearts out of the way, as well as hero points you can buy, the only PVE part left is running the maps and connecting the dots. You know, "Exploration."
  7. So you are gonna drop what for this? its not exactly free what are you planning to drop? Assuming wvw you are playing scourge... you gonna drop curses or soul reaping?Assuming you go core necomancer how are you planning to quickly ramp the stacks cause it wont be as fast as you think. not to mention you are less effective still...Is the drool from the shock of how abysmal this is? I play Reaper and if you solo roam you aren't running full glass anyway unless you want to be downed as soon as you realize somebody else is even there. So you get your toughness from gear, food, or traits regardless. I've had a great time with Death and Soul Reaping. 30 does seem like a high number but I'm not going to judge until I see it in motion.
  8. Not so fast! Remember that you will not get all that right away. You have to survive the ramp-up from nothing, first. True, but Necro can ramp up conditions crazy fast, especially with axe and scepter. I was already using 112 in Death Magic plus 10% damage reduction food, and could catch people by surprise and watch them panic when their burst salvo failed and I kept coming. I spent one weekend hunting Longbow Rangers, quite entertaining since a Reaper with minions is supposed to be a free kill. This change might get me back to playing more.
  9. 600 toughness, 300 power, and perma-protection in WVW? Drooooooooooooooooooolllll.... <3
  10. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. In the land of legendaries, infusions, and auras, the blind man is king.
  11. Did you ask in map or team chat? Cap a keep on the always-empty EOTM map? I know a grand total of zero people in WvW. No guild, friends, I reject every squad request I get because I never commit a block of time and prefer to jump in and out as I please. I may well be wrong but it sounds like you didn't actually ask for any help.
  12. how does having no incentive help? i mean isnt that the reason why wvw is bleeding out? I only started to dabble last year, but it seems the "incentive" was always the satisfying combat, not the rewards. Combat is constrained by balance, and once every 3 months we stand outside thirstily and hope the gods rain on us instead of piss on us. WvW has several types of reward structures (and some exclusive) but that alone still isn't keeping the population. Winning should mean something, but that can't happen while the outcome is predetermined by server stacking. That may never improve.
  13. Dungeon tokens you can save up for with your daily potions.... unless you enjoy the dungeons and don't have trouble getting groups together. OP you may as well be asking what the most profitable farm is. Directly farming those mats is long and tedious (except for the dust that you salvage from ectos). WvW has poor gold per hour, but that's made up for by being more fun than grind farming Silverwastes. If you have the $$ just buy gems, convert, and bid the mats off TP. If you have the time instead of cash, you're best served pinching your nose and doing some PVE farming to get the gold you need.
  14. Epidemic got nerfed twice because of Deathly Chill (in combination with the new Expertise stat), since the 50,000 bleed stacks could suddenly be bounced exponentially depending on the number of Necros. They should have just addressed the stupid trait itself from the beginning.
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