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  1. They already said it wasn't. Just the bridge to the next part of the story.
  2. As a guy who only plays engineer and got a mace for the expansion, I welcome the pretty aura I can't otherwise use.
  3. Having this issue too. Talking to a TP NPC lets me use TP, but unable to access gem store. Was gonna buy another equip tab, but I can't now, so Anet doesn't get money and I have to swap gear manually like some peasant.
  4. So to round up my thoughts and impressions from my own testing and reading/viewing other people's testing and feedback, here are the most important matters I see in order of most important first: 1. We need toolbelt skills back when the mech is not present. Call mech should move to F5. Moving mech commands to signets or a kit so we can have toolbelt with the mech out might be even better. 2. The mech must work underwater. There is no way around this. 3. The cooldown on call mech must be significantly reduced. Even if toolbelt is restored, 100s is far too long. 30s in PvE seems l
  5. After reading more replies and some additional testing and thought, here are the biggest issues I see that need iteration or revision before the next test: Move mech summon to F5. Return toolbelt skills while mech is not present. Potentially restore toolbelt while mech is active (at the very least, F1 for healing). This could be achieved by a mech toolkit, tying mech abilities to signets, or some other method. Allow mech to function underwater. Significantly reduce call mech cooldown. Improve viable variety and synergy of mechanist traits. Make mace 1 chain e
  6. Context: I'm an engineer main. I really don't play any other professions much. First impressions: The Good The Mechanist is fun and the mech itself feels like a powerful addition. The signets are good and feel useful, especially since they give some things that we didn't have before like shadowstep. Mace is okay, and it's nice to have access to more confusion and alacrity through barrier. The visuals on everything are pretty great. The Bad Losing toolbelt skills feels awful. It makes the spec feel very railroaded. It's such a huge trade o
  7. I keep looking for a red post explaining that the Scrapper's reduced 300 vitality is meant to say increased by 30, or wasn't meant to be there at all. How unattractive does it look to see that an elite spec reduces your HP by 15% on average just for choosing it?But you gain barrier as you do damage now, so it's still a buff, right?I wish, but as someone else pointed out, you'd need to be sustaining about 20k DPS just to break even with the loss from damage-generated barrier, so that notion is out.So just focus more on damage and you'll make up for most of the loss, right?Wrong again, because S
  8. If you want to make Scrapper more focused on being a tank, why are you reducing vitality?
  9. I need the Electromagnetic Ascender/Descender combo back in the store for reasons. Please and thank you.
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