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  1. Black gate and sea of sorrows, double team on us, why? i dont get it, BG already wins every time whit massive people, and on top of it, we get double teamed. Bg trying to get inside the keep while sea of sorrows spawn kills who tries to enter the keep. This type of behaviour should be punished by anet, this is wVsWvsW not W&W vs W. If this was a one time thing, sure its fun, but every single time. They can attack, smc, or anything that is green but no they decide to help the enemy. Youtube link
  2. WvW is the best thing this game has period.You can do gvg has much you want, even in edge of the mist you can do gvgs there we do it all the time so we duel other servers. What they need to do is make new content for wvw, that is not mounts and stupid siege disablers, make the game more fun, but they cant((its more important to do a fractal that its done in less then an hour lol), but i assure you if WvW leaves this game, this game loses A LOT of ppl, me included, PVE is boring and fast to do no challenge what so ever, theres no gear progression, you make a legendary and poof you goo to go fo
  3. This guy is crazy have you heard legendary trinkets? that's the reason why they are expensive you can change status lol
  4. all thouse crazy tags, ignore them lol get a group of friends and you can easily do , they just like to feel important lol
  5. I have been and EU seems way more active then NA
  6. I'm tired of NA casual guilds, i came back after 4 years and i cant find a decent guild anywhere, so i would like to know how things in the EU side.
  7. Why is FA and CD working together to kill HOD, FA zerg is protecting CD while they take the stuff and they dont fight each other this is supouse to be WvWvW, not w and w v W
  8. Is it just me, im getting 500+ lag only when i join the arena not outside i cant even see whats happening
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