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  1. Waypoints should be disabled when a keep is under a real attack because it would be a huge advantage for the defenders if they could wp or respawn inside. That is the only valid reason for this to happen. Getting a waypoint disabled when there is nothing going on is just exploiting a defect in the game.
  2. This is why we don't have nice things. Stop exploiting every single exploitable mechanic people! 😁 But seriously. The idea to block waypoints during an invasion is fine and necessary because having defenders respawn inside would be too easy. However, having the waypoints blocked when nothing is going on is not the intended function of the mechanic, is just a very easy exploit of an... oversight? Taunting the guards outside, dropping siege build sites or bashing your face against the gate should only mark the objective as contested but not block the wp. Anyw
  3. I would like to see some official numbers showing average kill/death ratios per class and spec and game mode. It would be even better if they showed how the total of kills + deaths compare to the number of times those classes entered combat. Not gonna happen. I know.
  4. That^, and Quaggans on mounts. That would be something. 😁
  5. If is not the bird people then is the Quaggans that become playable. 😁
  6. To me getting the skyscale looked like a lot of work and a waste of time. However, I don't have a bad memory of the process after I completed it. In case you don't know, you don't have to be online for those hours you have to wait. You can just continue the next day. I think that is actually a plus for this game. Other games will have you grinding for hours. As mentioned above, I used a guide for the most part . I can only suggest you find a pace that you enjoy. I prefer to play casually for a month than to grind for 3 days or a week.
  7. So thats what is happening when I am fighting on the edge of a wall and my position changes suddenly. To me it always looks like I am being moved away from the edge. I thought it was collision detection issue or something. The bug that allows me to walk on walls is still cooler though.
  8. I think ANET created a Hit List tab that showed the user name and location of your targets. Later they changed the name to Block List, but kept the same functionality. So, is working as designed. 😁 But seriously, there is no need show the full user name and location in the hit block list. And there is no need to show the full user name in the report pop up. Also, they could block cross-server communications even if the user names are known if they wanted. So I guess they just don't care.
  9. It looks like all these changes apply to pve only unless state otherwise. Is that how this works?
  10. It is annoying, getting ganked. Specially if you just started playing wvw and still don't have a mount. However, there is no need to quit, really. Just respawn, tell the map where the gankers are and either join whoever responds or go do something else. Don't worry too much about dying, it really is nothing. Oh and you don't have to reply if they pm or mail you when your side kills them 😁
  11. Downed state is a different story and I agree it needs changes or even be removed from wvw. I remember when they removed downed state of a week or so to test performance or something. It was a great week in wvw. In a 1 vs many fight you win when you beat them all, not some. Now lets say you were fighting not 3 but 4 and you actually downed them all. But one of them vapors away to an unreachable area, the other one has a field surgeon for a pet, another one stealths, and the last one resurrects spontaneously and downs you because you had 1 hp left after actually winning a 1 vs 4.
  12. In that case lets demand they allow players to WP during combat in wvw only. I bet people will love it!
  13. Deny the winner of a fight their reward and you will have an unhappy player. That is why actions like wp or mounting are not allowed during a fight. What is the point of fighting something that no matter the outcome will get you no rewards? And that applies to stealth as well as many other skills that currently allow players to abandon a fight with ease.
  14. Stealth is not just invisibility, it is also invulnerability against many skills that require a target. It is way better than blinding which normally makes only one hit miss. The benefits of chill, immobilize, pull are also often negated if you don't know where your target is to hit them after they are slowed down. In my opinion these some of the reasons why stealth feels unfair in many situations.
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